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No, Tea Baggers. No, Right-Wingers. You do NOT get a fucking pass on this one.
When Rep. John Boehner (R-OH) commented on then-Rep. Steve Dreihaus' (D-OH) vote for the health care overhaul last year, Boehner said Dreihaus "may be a dead man...He can't go home to the west side of Cincinnati." He said this in an interview to the National Review.

Dreihaus responded with the following, in March 2010:
These comments that have been made by Republican leaders can serve as--I don't know if I want to say an excuse or perhaps permission for people who may be unbalanced, who may be calling with these threats...It doesn't really matter the way you meant it, nor the way I accept it. It's how the least sane person in my district accepts it.

One of the least sane people in Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' (D-AZ) district seems to have accepted the violent and insane rhetoric of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck as gospel, and has taken action on it.

Palin's "crosshairs" ad from the campaign of 2010 famously placed crosshairs much like those of a rifle scope over the districts of several political opponents, Giffords among them. The image was hastily scrubbed from her site after the shooting yesterday, and her spokespeople are backpedaling away from any responsibility by saying the crosshairs represented those on "surveying equipment." Because, as we all know, so many run-of-the-mill voters are so familiar with surveying equipment that they immediately associate crosshairs with them.

Sarah, honey: we aren't as stupid as you or your followers. Not to mention your Tweet, made on March 23, 2010:

@SarahPalinUSA Commonsense Conservatives & lovers of America: "Don't Retreat, Instead - Reload!"

Reload what, Caribou Barbie? My fucking Pez dispenser?!

The chief suspect from yesterday, Jared Lee Loughner, posted to several places his concerns about American currency being devalued or worthless, and that we will be forced to return to precious metal standards. This is one of the cornerstones of hate radio "personality" Glenn Beck's insane agenda; he barely takes a breath without whoring Goldline, one of his precious-metal-hawking corporate masters.

These are just two examples among hundreds of the Tea Party and the Republican Party dog-whistling and recommending violent solutions to political opponents. Their "Second Amendment Solutions" and "watering the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants" bullshit is not geared toward action at the ballot box, not when their candidates and elected officials use "if not ballots, then bullets" as a mantra. In the final analysis, are they so goddamned cowardly and insecure that they feel the only valid plan of action is to recommend the death of all who disagree with them?

The violent right wing must no longer be allowed a pass when tragedies occur. Barely minutes had passed before the right spun into action, denying any culpability for their bloodlust. This is confusing to me; weren't their goals met? Is there not now one less liberal for them to contend with? Where are the high-fives, Sarah? Clearly Mr. Loughner reloaded! Job well done, right?

My point here is this: the Tea Party and the Radical Right own these people, like it or not. Watch your words and know they have consequences. When Bill O'Reilly chants, "Tiller, Tiller the Baby Killer" for several years running and Tiller gets assassinated, don't act all surprised; it was exactly the result you were aiming for.

Six people in Arizona lie dead. Their blood stains the hands of all those advocating violence over reasoned and civilized debate. I, for one, will no longer stand the spin or excuses of those whose words caused this to happen.

Watch your fucking mouths.

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Fortunately, nothing uploaded to the Internet ever really disappears.

Many thanks for posting this; I had meant to, but had spaced it off.

I should mention the number of folks trying to excuse themselves while commenting on my own posts has hardly shocked me.

No excuse justifies the funeral of a nine-year-old child.

I've heard a lot of political rhetoric with references to firearms, violence, and "second amendment remedies." I've heard almost all of this from the right and certainly the majority of it from the Tea Party. No, maybe none of you did this as an individual but whipping people up into a frenzy with talks of violence and murder are bound to come to no good, particular when there are plenty of people out there who aren't playing with a full deck.

I've had enough of this BS. Calling one another on political ideas is one thing, but openly using violent acts and firearms as political platform has no place in this society. The now "missing" Sarahpac crosshair map is a great example.

The map, thanks to screenshots, is never missing for long; see above.

These folks think they have gotten away with murder; they are sometimes smug and heartless about it--and the mainstream media tries to feed us the bullshit line that the violent rhetoric is just as bad on both sides. That, as you pointed out, is just plain false.

whats even worse is that if you have watched the news, those making comments on these talk shows are all hes a neo nazi liberal or blah blah blah or fuck everything else lets turn this dead 9 year old girl who was born on the worse day of our history, 9-11-01 and turn her into a marter and parade her ALL OVER THE FUCKING NEWS. the right wing will take that and RUN with it, i will bet money on that

Not if those of us on blogs and the internet (where more people get their news than TV) remind the world that that little girl's blood is figuratively dripping from the hands of Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Jesse Kelly and many others like them.

We really must do all we can to make them own the violence they support, with constant and unrelenting reminders. They will never take responsibility for their actions; they never have. But we can and must make them squirm.

(Deleted comment)
With them it is 100% attention, 100% relevance. If they are not traversing the country at all times and babbling their vile shit, the world may forget their inbred clan exists.

Let's all use this tragedy for political gain - forget that the person who did this had a mental disease or anything important like that. One day, America will grow up and treat mental diseases as seriously as some countries in Europe do. :P

Or, just do the American thing and blame someone you disagree with for this whole tragedy :p

Oh, my, yes. For we all can be assured that this mentally imbalanced person lived in a complete vacuum, with absolutely no exposure to the media whatsoever.

The guy was nuts, so everyone gets a get-out-of-jail-free card. Whew! That was easy!

I truly sympathize with where you're coming from on this one, and while it's clear that the shooter's motivations were primarily political, (inclining a political bent to the aftermath discussions,) it's looking like he might have been a schizophrenic who was living with delusional perceptions. And when a delusional, mentally ill person shot up the offices of the Discovery Channel back in September and cited Al Gore's activism as an inspiration, we all rolled our eyes, as he was just a crazy person. But when a crazy person puts Glenn Beck in his pantheon of personal heroes, we're all AHA THERE IT IS I TOLD YOU SO TONE DOWN THE RHETORIC, etc.

Anyway, I don't want to live in a land of blowhards where the winner is the guy who can blow hardest.

(Deleted comment)
When you have someone like Al Gore quoting science that flies in the face of what the far right lizard brain wants to believe, he instantly becomes an enemy. The flip side of that coin is that those who are equally as blinded to reality from the far left can react in much the same manner, as the Discovery Channel shooter proves.

However, I have yet to find any examples of outright, open and blatant calls to violence from the left--and they exist in frightening abundance from the right.

I didn't roll my eyes; I remember that event well, and it was just as horrifying as Saturday's shootings. Nutcases will use whatever fuel they can to play out their demented little world views.

But when the right has an entire "news" network they use to advocate violence, and this much crap from their representatives is documented in 2.5 years:


...I just can't give the "the left does it, too" argument very much credence. Both sides need to watch their rhetoric, sure--but the left already has a far better record of doing so, so far.

Here I think we can both agree.

A map with rifle scopes targeting your political opponents is not simply tacky, it's reckless.

Even implied threats of violence have no place in any society that claims to be civil.

And the rhetoric is suffering badly, and needs to heal.

I still don't particularly care for the precedence of holding pundits fully accountable for the actions of every untreated mental case.

I think common sense is key here; something that doesn't necessarily go hand-in-hand with politics.

I don't care if you are Sarah Palin or Oprah Winfrey. If you have control of a forum that potentially reaches millions of people, you have no idea who those people are going to be. No matter what you say or do, yes, some nutballs are going to take what you say in the wrong way, and may even use your words to act out in an extreme manner. Witness the whole John Hinckley/Taxi Driver fiasco.

But rhetoric or imagery in the political arena that clearly advocates and/or incites violent action--and Palin, Bachmann, Beck, Limbaugh, Angle and so many others are specifically guilty of this--should be deemed unacceptable. I don't care how many toothless, gun-toting rednecks it gets to vote for you if it gets people killed.

Edited at 2011-01-10 10:03 pm (UTC)

Parenthetically, the 'rolling eyes' bit was mostly at the suggestion that rightist ideologues would use this as an example that environmental liberals are all unhinged. Not at the shooting itself.

Ah, okay; I had misread the context. I took it to mean that liberals such as myself rolled our eyes in the belief that psycho shooters only come from the right. Most do, in all honesty--which I believe is why those on the right are fighting so hard yet again to spin this in their favor.

Interesting footnote: The "Tea Party Express" has been sending out millions of emails to potential supporters, soliciting funds and claiming they "will not be silenced." They are accusing liberals of capitalizing on this horrible event while the 'Baggers themselves are capitalizing on this horrible event.

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