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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Unfettered HR Assholery
Okay, the job search continues; no real news there.

But I got an email response from an HR director, to an application I had sent in about three weeks ago for a Project Manager/Administrator position for which I was easily fully qualified. This guy's response made my jaw drop:

...after reviewing your resume and experience, we have reached the conclusion that you will likely never be employed by our company in any capacity.

So, not Project Manager, not Receptionist, not Janitor; just plain nothing. In a nutshell, don't bother, asshole.

Anyone who has done a job search has received rejection email. They usually read something like this:

Thank you very much for your interest in [Position]. We received resumes from many highly qualified candidates, and your resume and qualifications were quite impressive. Unfortunately, we have decided to move forward with another candidate for this position.

Thank you for your interest in [Company], and we encourage you to visit [Company Website] for future job openings. We will keep your resume on file for six months, and will consider you for any future professional opportunities.

Best of luck on your professional search! Sincerely, etc.

That's the way you do it, right? Has anyone else out there received a point-blank "fuck you, we don't want you, ever" rejection email or letter before?

Oh, and the company in question here was a place called Bazaarvoice. Fuck you, Bazaarvoice.

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Man! That's fucked up!

Ye gods and little fishes! I've sent my fair share of resumes out over the years, and I've never seen anything quite as gleefully dismissive as that.

They're not, perhaps, some hard-core evangelical company? (They exist. One was our prime competitor.. we still outshone their wares easily, with a minuscule staff =:)

I honestly don't know, but I don't think so.

I am moving on, and have several other possible leads, so ultimately it's no big deal--but I have to admit their response took me by surprise.

You know, I would find someone to complain, letter to the CEO or something, its just unprofessional.

I had composed a response, with a diplomatically-written lecture on sensitivity and professionalism, but I ultimately decided not to send it.

I can only assume this HR Manager works with the blessing of the CEO, and that any complaint I might make would fall on deaf ears. Even if not, what difference would my registering a complaint really make?

I need to devote my energy to finding work; I feel it would just be wasted in doing anything in this case.

for FUCK sake that was awful! @_@ i've worked very closely with HR for some years now and i can say i have NEVER herd of a response like that..

The closest i've come was someone asking me flat out what my age is in a interview (which is against the Federal labor laws) I called the interview "done" then and their and reported it to the Head office (this was for a stupid GnC position)... that person no loner works there -_- LOL

Oh, I have been asked my age two or three times during an interview. Like yourself, I knew the interview was over at that point. I even had one interviewer lean forward and ask me point-blank, "Don't you think you are a little old for this position?" I asked them, "Don't you think you are a little stupid to be breaking the law?" and walked out.

Oh, well; the job search continues.

Well, that's something new. 0_o

The closest I've gotten was being told I was not qualified for the position... as a copy guy. The most mind-numbing, entry-level job on the planet and I was "not qualified."

But yours still takes the cake. Wow.

Oh, I have gotten the "underqualified" and "overqualified" song-and-dance more times than I can count. I have gotten numb to it.

But like you said, yeah--this response blew me away.

Some people can be wonderful. What an arsehole that is. I hope he got a refund from the charm school.

Karma. I just keep telling myself, karma, man. It's a bitch.

That level of coarseness is unnecessary, but I must say, I've received enough of those chirpy "Thank you SO MUCH for applying, but..." form letters to clog a wood chipper. As much as this alternative stings, at least you know from the outset where you stand with them.

That is amazing, you have to wonder what kind of people are running that company. If they can hire someone that clearly lacks any professional behavior, then the higher-ups must be just as bad if not worse, much worse.

Yeah, it was a stinging reply, but you're much better off not working at a place like that.

Good luck, my friend, I hope something will turn up soon.

Wow. How thoroughly unprofessional. Yuck.

Yeah, that's a stinky little cherry on top, isn't it? Totally unnecessary. :/

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