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What Anthrocon means to me
(Cross-posted to several places)

As Anthrocon 2011 approaches, I wanted to spend a little time and share with you what AC means to me. This point has been driven home especially hard this year, as personal hardships are forcing me to miss the convention--the first time I have done so since 1999.

I realize times are tough and sacrifices need to be made; I have long been an advocate of financial responsibility and prioritization. I know I would be a hypocrite if I made AC a higher priority than other, more pressing matters. I also know there is always next year. Nonetheless, I am a little heartbroken that I cannot attend this time around.

Anthrocon 1999 was my very first all-furry convention; I had attended a couple of Duckons, but those were sci-fi conventions with furry tracks. So AC was my first full-immersion experience with a large number of furries--and I fell in love with it from the very first. Since then, I have attended AC twelve times, and up until this year I have had an unbroken consecutive record of attendance there.

I know AC will go on without me; I don't think of myself like the rooster who believed the sun wouldn't rise without his crowing. But in many ways I consider AC "my" con; I always look forward to it, and it is a convention I am proud to attend and support. It is the bright spot of my year, and not being able to go this year...well, it just feels like an important and essential part of me is missing.

Anthrocon allows me to connect with good friends--and it is often the only time I get to see many of them during the year. Great and hopeful anticipation always precedes it, and I feel so completely in my element when I am there. The experience leaves me with good memories and dreams that help sustain me the remainder of the year. Simply put, I love Anthrocon and everything about it.

To everyone attending AC this year: know I am with you there in spirit, even though I can't be there in person. Have a wonderful time, and with any luck I will see you all at Anthrocon 2012.

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I was almost not going to go myself. I'm sorry you can't make it but I agree you are being responsible.

Is there anything I can do to help you?

At this point in time, nothing I can really think of; just try to send positive vibes my way.

Things are just really tight right now. I hope to remedy that soon.

*vibrates my corgi ears until they hum*

For those of us who don't make it to AC I usually host a live stream or a small online gathering. Even the years I am at AC I take time and call people to tell them they aren't forgotten.

So if people miss out on the convention and still feel like doing something to take their minds off of it, we have a small diversion. Here's hoping you still use the time for something fun. It's doubtful that anyone who was expecting you won't be thinking about you at some point anyway.

It's hard times for a lot of people financially speaking. I count my blessing that even though I am missing out it's due to time constraints and responsibilities rather than lack of funds.

I am very lucky to have local friends who have already offered some diversions for me over the AC weekend.

I have also heard from many good friends who will be at AC, and that they know I am with them in spirit.

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