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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Web page
Since mine is not a paid account, I can't post a poll here, so I will simply ask for yes or no responses in the comments section.

I have had it pointed out to me numerous times over the past week that yanking down my web page was just as immature and hurtful as the unwise post I made to my Live Journal. I have realized it is probably foolish to punish the many for the irrational actions of the few. I am too close to the situation to make a clear decision, so I have posted a poll to the furry population in general: should I or should I not put my web page back up?

Valid arguments for either side will be considered; flames and smartass comments will be ignored.

I have posted polls to this effect in a few different places; the overall results will determine the outcome.

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You've got the right idea. Ignore those flames and smart ass comments.

Heh...is that a yes? o(:o)

Do what you want. I'd look at the actual effect it's been having on you in the past and, if that was negative, how you might improve the situation and if it's worthwhile to do so.

In the past, I've been jealous of you for the sheer amount of artwork you acquire and display on your website.

I find it annoying that artists I've spoken with in the past say they don't draw macro-related images or such, but then a few months down the road there's an image drawn for you or Rogue that by the same person I commissioned earlier. I'm not about to demand an artist draw anything they're uncomfortable with, but it seems like a double standard and a bit hypocritical. I don't blame the subject, it's likely that they (you or Rogue) aren't even aware it's happening, rather I feel like that artist is willing to bend their principles for a select few and I'm left out.

Oh well, woe is me. In the long run, it's really not important and I'd like to think I'm over myself. I stick to artists at cons (the few I go to these days) whom I know and trust. No more sketchbook gone the whole weekend only for them to return with nothing in them. No more being passed over and moved to the bottom of the stack because I'm not someone they readily know. Whatever the reason, and like anyone really, I've had good experiences and bad ones. The artists who care show it and those who don't, I don't go bad to. It's pretty much a way of not letting someone disappoint me by not giving them another chance to. I just wish more people were forthcoming like some of the more professional freelance artists like cooner and raptor_midway. They know that integrity is more important than a buck and it shows when they talk business with folks. I would assume in freelance, just as any independent business, you value every contact and every customer you have rather than someone who is guaranteed to be swamped no matter who they piss off. I admire those who are honest and sincere with me and those are the folks I go back to. But I digress. This is not answering the question that you posed.

Should you bring back your website? It's ultimately up to you, but since you're looking for an opinion, I'll tell you that I would like to see it make a comeback.

Earlier in this drawn out post I mentioned I had been jealous of your collection in the past. The key to that sentence was the past tense used.

I'd like to think that I've come to terms with whatever childish envy I had for your popularity and ability to acquire oodles of artwork.

I like to see your website updated after cons and events. I like to see what content you've added and who it's from. Lou is a character that enjoys the same kinks and situations that I enjoy for the most part and I can appreciate that. I'm probably not the only person who feels that way either. Think of that! Bringing people together over pictures of a canuck wolf oogling beefy giant critters and being otherwise violated. World peace through macrosmut.

There. My $0.02.

I loved your webpage, it was nice to have everyone contributing their art in one place like that, was almost like a central network for macro art too, linking everyone's websites together and such...

Anyone who flames or criticises your site is an idiot for not appreciating the effort that must go into it!

(That's a yes by the way) ;)

I suppose you just need to take a good, long, hard look at why you pulled down the site in the first place.

Personally, I believe if the intention was simply to punish people and to get attention, then sure, it was childish and immature. And if this was the case, this action was just fueling the same "drama" you were condemning the fandom for having.

Lou, I think you're a really nice guy in person, and I actually enjoy your company at cons. But when you get behind your character on the muck you can be one of the most overly dramatic people I've ever interacted with. You've taken little things and twist them far out of proportion, so much so that I honestly don't have the time or patience for it.

I honestly believe this is yet another example of Lou "going to the extreme." I'm not going to be all "hugs and snugs and come back Lou" just because it's something you need to hear -- I think you simply need to take a break and reflect on the situation, and really look hard at why this angst always seems to surface so often.

-- Duncan

Personally I liked the web site. It helped me find alot of artists and sites I may not have found otherwise. It had quite a bit of nice links and art on it. However, from your recent posts it sounds as though the web site was the source of many problems you were having. Do what's best for you. Will I miss the site? Yes. But if it was really that stressful to keep it up should you really care if others want you to put your site back up?

Why did you take your web page down? Perhaps answeing that question will answer this one as well.

It's obvious that it's totally your decision.

That being said, I'd like least like for the links page to remain. As much as I love the art, the links page just opens a shitload of doors and leads to a huge level of disccovery that I haven't experienced on any other page.

Lou, I like your site and would enjoy seeing it come back, but, like Geemo and Cooner have said, this is your decision. The only person who's opinion counts is yours. If it has become a hassle, something that you can't stand working on anymore, then leave it down. You're the one putting in the the time and work scanning, updating, and all that.

So, give yourself some time to think about it and whether it's all worth it.

I would have to ask myself "Why is this website up here?" Is it for you? Is it for other people? Neither of these (or any combination inbetween) is a wrong answer..most websites are a combination of both..but is having it up causing you more trouble than it's worth? Or do you really enjoy having it up because other people like it and therefore it brings you pleasure? Ultimately, it's a question only you can answer.

If I were an accountant, I'd say you need to do a cost-benefit analysis.

I say you should, but...s'up to you. You could always make it known that you don't plan to update it aftwards though. Anythin' like that I guess.

Personally I think it's good that it came down.. al teast for a period. I know the greif and annoyance it has caused you first hand and in later periods it did seem you were only maintianing it for others no longer for yourself. That is had become an obligation that you were wary of more then the joy it was in the beginning.
It is my Opinion that if it is a burden off of your back to keep it down, at least until the smoke has cleared and you are ready and willing to put yourself back in the public eye.

Same question, phrased two different ways: It's either a matter of whether 1) the pleasure you get from operating the site outweighs the grief you get from operating it; and/or 2) the free time/pleasure you get from not operating it outweighs the grief you get from not operating it. It's almost come down a number of times before this; I'm not surprised to see that it did come down--whether temporarily or permanently, I don't know, but I will say this: from what I saw, the times you enjoyed being behind the site sure seemed to outnumber the times you hated doing it. There were definitely more "Oo, cool!" moments than "Aw, shit!" moments.

Hey Lou... ...*CUDDLE*...

Again, not to repeat everyone else who has posted here thus far, but in the long run, it's all up to you, hon. I liked the site, personally. I liked to see what capers you were gonna get into next and who was going to have the pleasure of artistically showing said capers. I loved the links page that kept me abreast of new macro-artsy-goodness. But to be honest, it's not about what I or anyone else likes.

None of this is. Not the events that transpired after the comment made on LJ, not the removal of your page, nothing that has happened really weighs on anyone else's thoughts, feelings, and opinions except your own.

In the grand scheme of things, what did this website do for YOU? Was it something you enjoyed or something you did because you thought you had to? If it brought YOU happiness, then it's all a question of whether or not you want that happiness again. If it only brought you stress, same question, different noun.

The same could be said for anything else you have to make a decision on regarding Furry.

Of course, we're all here to give advice if you would like it. But I think that for a lot of this, you really need to focus on your past experiences with it and whether or not it made you happy.

Personally, I would love to see your website come back. But in the end, everything that happens from here on out is completely and irrevocably 100% up to you.

Do what you must. Personally I think it was pretty damn generous of you to share your collection with us in the first place : )

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