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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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The Big 0-8
Cashew Lou first logged onto FurryMUCK on December 12, 1997.

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Well, happy anniversary, then. :)

Furry-what? </average furry circa 2005>

Happy 8th aniversary Lou!

Is there a way to check that for any person's name? I've got a feeling I might be celebrating my two-year anniversary on Furry sometime soon, but don't know how to check.

Congrats on your anniversary, too.

Coolness. Remember when 75 furs online was a busy, busy, the-server-lags-for-5minutes busy night? :) (or could be me... over 11 years, here)

Heh...I remember RPing with you, actually, after I first became a fur--you are the one who introduced me to macrophilia. Anyway, I remember our RPs being interrupted with lags up to 20 minutes.

Gods, those were the days.

Y'know, scary thought...

I'll be 10 on FT in February, and 7 on Furry in April.

Happy Fluffin' Day, Loooooooooooooouie. :)

Haha. Duuude, it'd be coming up on my 8th year if I were still doing that. ^_^

(left like ... five or six years ago!)

I had my 1st true birthday party through my fursonae on FurryMuck in 2001.

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