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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Post-Holiday wrapup
All in all, the holidays went well. My flights from Austin to Columbus went without a hitch, and I want to thank trdsf and Ban for putting up with me for ten days. It was kinda weird, being a guest in what was my home for four years!

I had a great visit; I got to catch up with folks I hadn't seen in nearly a year (including dragonscholar, noradesmond, mossfox, reynard_t_fox_3 and kaemantis). It flew by way too quickly.

I got to freak out trdsf's mom on Christmas Eve; she was the only one in the family who didn't know I was coming, and (I hope) it brightened up her holiday--it was nice to see everyone up in Rossford again. trdsf and I made a coin-shopping run to Gemco in Columbus--which, IMHO, is the best coin shop I have ever been to thus far. (By the way, are there any other furry coin collectors out there besides the two of us? Just curious.)

reynard_t_fox introduced us to some interesting video games, including Burnout 3, which is a flat-out riot to watch. trdsf had never seen We Heart Katamari, so they had a lot of fun with that, as well. The ultimate game, though, was one called EyeToy, where there are no controllers--a camera translates your body motions into actions on the screen. It's worth the price of admission just to smash the hell out of tomatoes in the burger-making game. o(:o)

I also got to eat at BD's Mongolian Grill, the best restaurant on earth. Nom nom nom!

Coming back home was a bit of a chore; there were thunderstorms in Chicago that stacked up traffic at O'Hare for several hours. Therefore, I got home at 12:30 am instead of 9:20 pm, as was originally scheduled. drleo met me at the airport with a sandwich and a drink, which really hit the spot. He told me he got the idea from sudonym, so my thanks and my kudos to both lions; it is an excellent idea, especially when someone has been delayed for several hours and has had nothing but airline pretzels to eat.

Now I get to watch the hours and hours of MST3K trdsf was kind enough to burn onto DVD for me. Woo hoo!

I don't really make New Year's resolutions, but this coming year I hope to smoke less, write more, get in better shape, really build up my coin collection and try to be a better person overall. Beyond that, things are pretty good.

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ragnar_wolfcoon took me out to eat at a BD's when I visited him. It is definitely the awesomeness.

Heheh well I'm glad you liked the company and the games... might have to make that part of the annual agenda.

Yow, that was a pretty nasty delay. Glad to hear you made it home in one piece. Miss ya!

Ohyah, speaking of numismatism--check out sweet_coins.

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