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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

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What. The. FUCK.
Someone point me to a decent and reliable browser, please. In the past week, Netscape 8.0.4 has crashed and deleted my surfing history, my cookies and my bookmarks. Four fucking times. It then forces me to "create a new user profile," which means I have to mother fucking start all over again with everything. Luckily I have all my bookmarks saved in a .txt file elsewhere, but reloading over 400 bookmarks into Netscape on a weekly basis is a full-blown waste of my time. Microsoft IE isn't an option, either, since it attracts viruses like computer screens attract dust.

I hate computers, I really do. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

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I have experience with Firefox and Avant Browser, both are very good. =o) Of course, I use IE by default, 'cause I'm lazy. =o)

I don't know if there is one. I use Firefox but I'd be lying if I said it was reliable. Up till recently, Firefox kept all your bookmarks in one file which, if corrupted (say, the program crashes or more likely is killed by the task manager while the bookmarks file is being written), meant all your bookmarks is gone. This used to happen to me at least once a month but now Firefox keeps a daily backup for a week and it's been very reliable for the last few months.

On the other paw, if you want a decent and reliable Firefox, don't download any third-party extensions. There are plenty of badly written ones.

I think the closest thing to a decent and reliable browser is Opera, and it's now free. I'm running the 9.0 beta version and it seems fine.

Firefox. And it if doesn't work good for you, perhaps Opera? It is billed as uber-reliable.

DL'ing Firefox now. *crosses fingers*

I use Firefox as well. I've never had it delete all my bookmarks, but still, exporting them on a regular basis is wise. You can save them as an HTML file, I think, and that's a good way to keep a backup.

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I use Firefox and I've never had any problems.. not yet anyway but then I did DL it from Mozilla itself.

There's a neat plugin for Firefox called Adblock. Annoying popup window? Irritating banner ad? Right click it, Adblock the server it came from. You'll never see it again. (It's also a great way to isolate Flash animations you'd like to download. By using a feature of Adblock that brings up everything blockable on a page, you can often grab the direct URL of the Flash, put that in your address bar, then save that page.)

But a warning. If you install Adblock, and find the Flash stuff isn't working anymore, you have to disable 'obj-tabs' in the Adblock preferences. Then everything's peachy again. (It's a problem with the latest version of Flash.)

Good luck with Firefox!

Firefox is your best bet, Opera is the backup. I have my bookmarks saved to a local HTML file that was exported from Firefox. Just be careful with extentions and make sure they are stable. I'll give you a few good and non-deadly ones if you want.

Pretty much what they said. ^_^ Firefox has the distinct advantage of being ridiculously extensible; Opera seems like a good bet also, particularly with regard to reliability.

If you have an OS X system around as well, my first recommendation would be for OmniWeb, the most elegant browser in existence. iCab's got some nice attributes, too, and Safari's a pretty robust choice.

Moz, Firefox and Opera are all good bets. Moz is Netscape before the corporate masters at AOL get their hands on it. I like Amaya too, but that's finicky because it only and precisely supports the actual W3C specification, not the additional stuff NS and M$ tacked on.

Well, fingers still crossed--Firefox seems to be doing the job well--and it is a thousand times faster than Netscape ever was.

Thank you very much for your help, everyone! o(:o)

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