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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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I done been meme-tagged
A little while ago, trdsf tagged me with a meme. Since most of the folks on my LJ list don't care for memes, I can't think of five people to tag, myself. So, what I'm gonna do is post my response to the meme here (under an LJ-cut, so the memeaphobic among you can just pass it over).

S'alright? S'alright.

Culinary guilt: I honestly can't think of any; my pallet when it comes to food is pretty bland and boring; I eat to live, and not the other way around--much to the frustration of some of my foodie friends. I have an almost out-of-control sweet tooth, especially for chocolate--but that is a culinary guilt I am sure millions share.

Literary guilt: Stephen King. True, I tend to gravitate toward more "serious" fiction like Steinbeck, John Irving and Harper Lee. Once in a while, though, I like a good horror story--and maybe four people in literary history have written horror well. Poe, Blatty, Koontz, that's really about it--and definitely not Lovecraft. *shudder* Anyway, it's true King can be a little over-prolific; he writes so much that eventually he will write some clunkers. (Firestarter and The Tommyknockers come to mind.) But when he is hitting on all four cylinders, he can force you to sleep with the lights on. Check out Salem's Lot and Pet Sematary, for starters. I can recommend some of his short stories, too.

Audiovisual guilt: This is a difficult question, as media-saturated as I tend to be; I was a TV, radio and film major in college, after all. I guess to most people, this would apply: I like to watch golf on television. Most people look at me when I tell them this as if I had just dropped a steaming load on the floor in front of them. Essentially, to me, golf is an exciting sport to watch--especially if the match is tight. There is more personality in golf, and it is about the only sport left with any sense of sportsmanship at all. The only real crybaby millionaire in golf is Vijay Singh; the other sports are infested with them.

Musical guilt: The Electric Light Orchestra, or ELO. Okay, this isn't really a guilt per se--but so many folks through the years have given me crap about liking this band that I feel a) wronged and b) almost unnecessarily defensive about it. If you judge ELO by the four or five songs of theirs--though good ones--played on mainstream radio, you are missing the picture entirely. Their rock and orchestral mix was--and still is--unique. Jeff Lynne was--and is--an incredible writer, producer and singer. I will go to my grave absolutely loving ELO. And if Homer Simpson was ever to ask me, "So, who is your favorite Traveling Wilbury? Is it Jeff Lynne?" I can scream from the mountaintops, "By god, yes!" Heh. ELOtis. Inside joke.

Celebrity guilt: O.J. Simpson and Michael Jackson. Unquestionable guilt.

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Your allowed to do anything you want to pal. :) Go Mememememememememe!

You should feel more guilty about Koontz than King. ;)

Still, at least he didn't mention David Eddings.. ^_^;

(PIty King/Straub's The Talisman didn't receive the big screen treatment it once seemed destined for, but then again, Hollywood horror tends to have the depth of an oil stain)

(Deleted comment)
I very much agree. That's how I feel about Lovecraft, actually; his actual skill at writing wasn't very good, but his stories and mythology were very, very strongly effective, and he really was skilled at capturing the negative side of awe.

King's writing can be silly sometimes (especially when he goes overboard with pop culture refs), or unpolished, but I find his stuff to be regularly entertaining. :)

Meh. I based by (apparently incorrect) opinion of Koontz on one novel: Watchers. I thought it was a cool premise, and well-executed. One additional note: avoid the movie supposedly based on this novel; it raped the original.

Anyway, beyond Watchers, I haven't read much Koontz.

Opinions are opinions. :) "Skewed" would be more apt than "incorrect", I think. ;) I might consider giving Watchers a try, though I won't attempt any of his other work because I've already tried reading three of his novels and found them awful.

But there really are a lot of other great horror writers than those four, and you should definitely see what's out there when your horror itch next needs scratching. :) Clive Barker might be a good one to start, though most of what I've read of his stuff seems more fantasy with a horror theme than straight horror.

I tried reading a couple Barkers; he really did nothing for me. I guess horror is a genre that I find hard to consume unless it is written just so; I loved The Exorcist and even The Silence of the Lambs, even though I find Harris' writing style at the same time heavy-handed and simplistic. That is one rare case of the movie actually being better than the book.

Jeff Lynne is a God.

Rama bama bama lama Jeffy Lynne is king! o(:o)

Who's that?

(grins, ducks, and runs like hell :))

Actually, you'd've been pleased with XM Deep Tracks' 5002 Most Essential list--ELO is well represented. Seventeen ELO tracks made the cut: Boy Blue, Calling America, Can't Get It Out Of My Head, Don't Bring Me Down, Eldorado, In The Hall Of The Mountain King, Kuiama, Ma Ma Ma Belle, Mr Blue Sky, Nightrider, Rock And Roll Is King, Rockaria, Roll Over Beethoven, Shangri-La, So Fine, Telephone Line and Tightrope.

Apparently not making the list this year was that completely unplayable one. Maybe they were afraid of spraining someone's ear. ;)

I am very pleased to see the relatively-obscure "Calling America" hit that list.

My favorite ELO song remains that "completely unplayable" one, "Wild West Hero." o(:o)

The whole list is a master's degree in rock and roll. I found very few things to complain about in there, although I did email them to suggest that if they want to use a cover version of 'Werewolves of London', please find one of the Dead's concert covers and don't inflict the Adam Sandler version on us. :)

Oh, yes, and they also included Lynne's solo cover of "I Want To Tell You", and the Traveling Wilburys' "Congratulations", "Cool Dry Place", "End Of The Line", "Handle With Care", "Inside Out", "Last Night", "Rattled" and "She's My Baby". So yes, classic rock people know not to overlook ... uhm ... er ... uh ... the other guy. ;)

Without him, I doubt George Harrison would have charted in 1987! I love "When We Was Fab"!

I'm not gonna start listing my fav tracks, too many of them to list! But my fav ELO album is "Out of the blue" :-)

I also love Drum Dreams, know that one? The B-side of "All over the world". I also love "Video" :-D

I love "Video," too! I wish they would release the Electric Dreams soundtrack on CD.

I have the 45, but I know the soundtrack exists on CD. I've seen it in the past on eBay.

*lol* I love your usage of the phrase 'celebrity guilt' and wish I'd thought of it first. :)

Hee. But I did. Neener!

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