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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Five things that make me me meme
I just loved typing that title out. o(:o)

I lifted this meme from invisiblewolf; I found it much more interesting and intellectually stimulating than discovering what muppet I was most like psychologically, or whatever. The meme reads as follows:

List 5 experiences in your life that you think have helped to make you the person you are now.

For those who don't care for memes, I'm tucking this one behind a cut.

1. Finally being able to come out was very liberating. I grew up in socially-backward small-town Iowa, and it took my moving to a larger city to finally get up the nerve. I was 28 when I came out.

2. Discovering reading as a leisure activity. I only read in high school and college when I was forced to for an assignment--but then my sister, who is an English teacher, gave me two books: To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and East of Eden by John Steinbeck. I am a voracious reader now, and I haven't looked back. It has helped with my writing, too.

3. Being part of a no-course-credit, two-semester project where I worked with a team of broadcast media students who produced five original scripts from scratch; we went from blank sheets of paper to a live broadcast (one of the original scripts was mine). True, there was no credit toward my degree, but I have never had such intense hands-on experience since. It was frustrating, sure, but also invigorating and exciting.

4. Finding the furry fandom, or more specifically, certain people in the fandom. I have made the best friends of my entire life here, and it helped me discover I wasn't the only one who felt the way I did. This is especially true of the macrophile community; not only did I finally have a word for it, but I found there were a lot of folks out there just like me.

5. Re-discovering coin collecting. I had a fairly decent collection when I was younger (as decent as one can be when working basically with just pocket change), but our house burned down in 1988--and my entire collection went with it. A couple years ago trdsf, a fellow furry numismatist (heh; I think we are the only two) re-ignited my passion for all those little round pieces of metal. It is a hobby (translation: obsession) from which I get great enjoyment and fulfillment.

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My father was willed his stepfathers coin collection. We have yet to go through them all but I think we have some mildly valuable ones in there. Maybe if we get together in May I can bring some :)

Sure! Maybe I can fill a few holes in my coin books. o(:o)

That's a golf club in your icon. I'm not the only furry golfer! :)

*grins* No yer not! :) Though with school its harder to play..but I still get out in the summer :)

Heh. I got out a bit last summer--mainly, I play the par 3 courses because I can hit a five iron a lot better than a five wood, and the seven iron is my Magic Club. :)

Was playing Wilson Road last summer and got to one of the short par 4s (250 from the tips, I mean, really), my fellow competitors are all taking three and five woods off the tee, I took out the Magic Seven Iron, leaned on it a bit, and outdrove two of the other three guys--I think I got 180 yards out of it, which is just completely ridiculous. :)

*grins* awesome :)

I think the best 7 iron I hit was coming into BayHill 18th on the second day of qualifying for the US amateur. I was out of it and had 168 yards into the wind over all that water with the pin on the back right of that green. I grunted and stuck that 7 iron in tight for a birdie. Just feels good to hit a shot like that on a course the Pros play :)

Cripes, you made it to day two at the Am? What am I saying, you played in the Am in the first place? Sheesh, I carry a handicap you need scientific notation to measure accurately!

But yeah, that's why total duffers like me love the game--every now and then, we hit a Hogan-worthy or Jack-worthy or Tiger-worthy (or considering where my ball usually has to be hit from, Seve-worthy) shot... and that's the shot we take home and reply over and over in our heads.

True story: Wilson Road again, on the 300 yard opening par 4. I'm all the way on the back of the green... in seven. Bombed a 30-foot putt to save my eight ... and you know what? An abominable snowman doesn't suck after a putt like that! :)

Day 2 at the Qualifyer :) out of about 140 folks they took 3 spots I think. Though nowadays I dont play like i used to but I still break 80 on a regular basis when I play :)

Still closer to the Am than I'll ever get, unless they have a championship for centenarians--once I reach that age, at least the competition will all have eyesight as bad as mine. :)

Holy crap, guys--get a room! o(;o)

Ooo...I just noticed your icon looks like one of the Angry Beavers. I loved that show!

mhmm..Its Delako done as if he were an angry beaver :) From zexyz

I actually do a bit of coin collecting myself :3

When I was working at the local bank I came across SO many.

MY Pride right now is this quarter I found on a whim...-goes to finda picture of it-


That Baby there ^^. I wish I could come across more of these. But it was such a spur of the moment type of find :3.


(I think czar_wolfhound Collects too. HE has a collection from basically coins around the world.


Re: I actually do a bit of coin collecting myself :3

Hello, fellow numismatist! o(:o)

That is a nice quarter; I love the design of the standing Liberty. The detail on the eagle's wings is still pretty sharp; it's just a shame the details on the obverse of those coins rubs down so quickly--it's really hard to find them in better condition.

Re: I actually do a bit of coin collecting myself :3

That's not bad at all for a Stander. They're beautiful coins, but notorious for the way they show wear. The Type 1 SLQ is the only gap in my 20th Century type set... well, okay, and I don't have any of the gold, either. :)

You know, maybe it'd be worth creating a LJ group for furry coin collectors. I'd be willing to do it.

Knew you would +fav that 'Centaur Republic' coin as soon as I posted it. :) I really am working on the tails side! I just don't know what to put on it...

I'd reply to that with *rimshot!*, but in context, that would only make things worse. :)

Rimshot, eh? Make it a centaur that is 6 feet tall at the rump, then, so it can be done standing up. o(:o)

Shire... er, sure thing! ;) Wow. I thought my currency of "100 cent-aurs to the doll-aur" was bad enough... friend of mine on Spin topped it. "So, 25 cent-aurs is one quarterhorse?"

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