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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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I fit the demographic, anyway....
I saw the most bizarre thing on 60 Minutes last night.

They had a story basically arguing the nature vs. nuture debate about homosexuality. Is it genetic, chemical, learned? Anyway, a couple of the research conclusions they presented blew my mind. Here goes, and I am not making this up:

For each older brother you have, the likelihood of your being gay goes up. The number of older sisters seems to make no difference.

The older-brother rule only seems to apply if you are right-handed. Lefties have the same likelihood of being gay, regardless of siblings.

Well, I have two older brothers with the same mother, and am right-handed.

Woo hoo! Testify! o(:o)

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right handed with a sister and am so gay i like it up the ass. dose that count?

Right-handed and no older siblings... however, I had an gay uncle on Mom's side, which apparently moves me into the 90% likely to be gay bracket.

Read it yesterday in the papers that gene play a part whether someone is gay or not. Quite interesting xD

I think in many cases it can actually be genetic; my half-brother was gay, and I have my suspicions about one of my more reclusive aunts--and given my own orientation, that's one too many folks in one family to be coincidental.

I'm still waiting for some gay scientists in 'Frisco to come up with a way to let us transmit it to other people via biting. :D>

This is the kind of incomprehensible result that only happens with statistics.

I have 1 older brother and I am right handed... but I'm not completely gay.. I'm just Bi.

A few things that have been mentioned before.

-In every set of twins, triplets, etc. There will always be one who is gay, or at the very least, bi.
-If you place your hand flat to a surface, with all fingers together, if your index finger is shorter then the finger between the pinky and middle, you're gay.

My father is the youngest of three brothers, somehow I think he's an exception to this :P

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