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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Upcoming Weekend
I don't normally like using my LJ for a public shout-out, but this is the best way I have to get hold of you guys:

ipequey and pacerfox! Are we still doing something for St. Pat's? You don't have to reply here; give me a call or email me at cashew@macrophile.com.


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Hey! Yes! Drinking! Sounds like Pacer, you and I will be doing something that night, probably going out somewhere crowded and getting sloshed ;) I'll be over to pick you up on Friday after work. I'll have more details on exact times when I know them myself :D

Giggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggitygiggity goo!

"That one is also sexual"

Did Ip contact you yet? I think we are up for something. Just deciding on venue :)

Not yet, but I am at work.

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