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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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My head asplode II
Forgive me a rant, if you will. I'll put it behind a cut.

Just got flamed on AIM by a furry Coulterite who opened by calling me "Mr. Moore"--for as we all know, everyone who doesn't lick W's rectum is exactly like Michael Moore in every way.

It went downhill from there. They insisted they wanted an "open debate;" after all, they stated, "don't all liberals want everything to be open-minded?" Yet every single statement they made was on the offensive; it was a personal attack from the get-go. I was asked to assess what I would do better as president. What a specious question. After the plane has crashed, you don't ask, "well, smarty pants, how would you have done better?"

Every response I had in this very brief conversation was shot down with the same tired old talking points--including the astoundingly dense response that the soldiers who died in Iraq went in knowing what they were in for and somehow had it coming! (Indeed. They all knew they were entering a quagmire without sufficient body armor. Surrrrrre.) I realized I was up against the right-wing noise machine: La la la la la I can't hear you! Dubya is all-wise and all-knowing! La la la! Fox News is the only news! La la!

So I pulled a Rovian tactic on them; I blocked them on AIM. Silly me. They were back in less than 20 seconds under a different screen name, calling me "rude."

Pot? Kettle? Black.

Mr. Mission Accomplished has had five years to prove himself a decent president. He has only proven that he will only listen to the doggedly, blindly loyal, and the rest of the world can go to hell. And with his help, it very well may.

I have been pushed far beyond my breaking point with the Bush-loyal. I believe I would have a stroke on the spot if one of them actually did enter into a fact-based, open-minded debate; they have spent five years panting and drooling after Dubya that even what is left of their logical minds is scared to death to admit they are backing an incompetent dud.

Therefore, anyone who tries to enter a political discussion with me while taking the side of the far right gets shut down. They have absolutely nothing to say to me anymore.

Thanks for your patience, folks. I really had to get this off my chest.

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Arguing with a conservative in person is like arguing with someone from a religious cult. They've already been programmed to ignore everything you say because you are a 'liberal' so the only way to get through to them is to ASK them the questions, let them talk themselves stupid.

Online, I usually point them to sites like Republicans for Humility.

Assuming they can comprehend multisyllabic words.

So that's why they hated Kerry! Two syllables! o(:o)

Yeah - it shows that some republicans are capable of independent critical thought.

Too few, unfortunately.

(Deleted comment)
Heh...you forgot I am teh ghey...which is the evillest nastiest bad bad thing a person can be.

Gays make the baby Jesus cry, Rod and Todd. o(:o)

Hey, I'd take being called "Mr. Moore" as a compliment. ;)

Come on, a big, intelligent, bearish buy? Where do I sign up? :)

Hee! I like Michael Moore, although he can be a little heavy-handed and free and loose with the facts to prove a point.

And we all know the Republican Party would never do that!

Moore is *not* loose with the facts--he went out of his way to make sure that everything in F9/11 was verifiable because he *knew* the GOP Lie Machine would come after him with both barrels. He's a propagandist, yes--but he's not loose with the facts.

And look how he's painted - not just "liberal" (all too often used as a pathetic attempt at invective), but "ultra-left", "far-left", or all three. ^_^; Gods! You'd think he was proposing nationalisation of the railways, gun makers, and all pharmaceuticals companies. :)

Hell Yeah!! I'd take that as praise too!
Not very many folks Paint their Sodomy Wagons BRIGHT PINK!
Ya gotta luv tha shades! ;>

You forgot the cardinal rule: to a Republican, "having respect for other viewpoints" means "Liberals and Democrats can't complain when we tell lies about their side" and "being civil" means we aren't allowed to tell the truth about them.

Funniest/most hypocritical headline I've heard in a long time: Pondscum Rove was up near my home town, and in a speech up there had the infernal nerve to say that there should be more civility in politics. Yeah. That starts as soon as his jail term for treason begins.

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