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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

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Well, a furry artist and former friend has decided to fuck me good and hard, with apparently no regrets. To the tune of $200, pre-paid to them months ago.

Their reasoning: they find it "hard to let go" of original artwork. Well, my suggestion is to, ummm...

maybe not offer it for sale in the first place?!?!?!?

I have been informed this artist "can't and won't" send me the artwork--nor can they afford to refund my money. They have this cavalier attitude and disregard for personal responsibility that is just damned near driving me up the wall.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize this equation boils down to my being fucked over. No artwork, ever. $200 swirling down the toilet. Jesus H. Jumped-Up Freaking Christ.

Real nice. Since there is nothing further I can do, all I can do is rant. I swear there needs to be a database of names of artists (and art collectors, to be totally fair) who routinely fuck people over. To date, I am out well over one thousand dollars thanks to these fucking scam artists.

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Dude, report him on Furbid or some site. It's your DUTY to do so! That's total shit right there. If he offered and SOLD you something, he has a duty and a right to fulfill that sale, especially one of that magnitude. He either owes you the artwork, owes you the money, or owes time in court, that's what I say.

I tried that once--publicizing the name of a known scam artist in the furry fandom--and it blew up in my face. Dozens of brainless fanboys poured out of the woodwork to blast me and tell me how wonderful their artist buddy was.

I refuse to play that game again. I can rant, and that is about it; I have no real legal course of action for an amount this small--it would cost me considerably more just to take it to small claims court. I have to be careful--to the point that I don't even reveal the gender of the artist--while, frustratingly, they feel they have carte blanche to go on screwing people over.

The only positive note here is I know who to avoid. I have dealt with over 400 artists in furry--and the overwhelming majority of them are wonderful and fair people. Unfortunately, there are a half dozen or so who are con artists, plain and simple.

Don't let the flamers win. People like this always have charisma and some brainless fans who don't see reality. (Sort of like people who vote Republican.)

Don't discount small claims court. You can recover court costs as part of the judgement.

What she said. Just don't even bother responding to the wieners and whiners: make sure your fellow aficionados know not to deal with this crook. I say expose him/her--and while you're at it, contact the people you know who run conventions and warn them about this person--especially if there are any potential Artist GoH offers for him/her lurking out there. Until whoever it is straightens out and makes good on their commitments, they shouldn't be preying on other fans.

That's just crappy. I mean it's not like it's $20 or even $50.

I don't like how these artists take commissions, take money and don't deliver.

What the hell is wrong with them?

And why can't they be held accountable for their actions?

I guess I'll have to get a receipt or something if I pay in advance or even a partial payment.

That is totally messed up that this artist skates with $200.

At a minimum, that's fraud. Possibly even outright theft. The first thing you need to do is find the closest public university with a law school. They usually have a student law clinic that can give you free legal advice.

I also highly suggest filing a police report.


You could start there if you wanted, that artist needs to get their act together; I'm sorry you got cheated for so much... =(

Somehow, please let us know who did this to you, so we can avoid doing business with 'em. p #mails on the MUCKs, emails, whatever works. Reputation isn't everything with artists, but it's a heavily-weighing factor.

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