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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Well, all good things must come to an end.

So must all hell-born pieces of shit, like my last car.

I traded the psycho bitch-beast Hyundai in today, cutting my losses and stopping the obscene hemorrhaging of money it was causing. I did a lot of shopping around, with some important criteria in mind:

1. None of this "as is" shit anymore. Gimme a warranty, or no dice.
2. No purchase to be made without my being able to research the VIN# online. Amazingly enough, they let me do this at the dealership.
3. If at all possible, talk frankly with the previous owner(s). Again, amazingly, the dealership arranged this for me.
4. A promise of free repairs to anything I might find wrong with the car within the first two weeks.

I found a dealership who agreed to the above, and gave me a killer trade-in to boot. Luckily, from my lemon I was able to make some palatable lemonade. I was also able to arrange payments considerably lower than I was expecting to have to make.

Anyway...it's a 2002 Ford Focus ZX3 2-door hatchback, with 78,000 miles. It is nice and clean, runs wonderfully, and is an eye-bleedingly bright electric yellow. That gives it personality. o(:o)

And yes, it has a name. Its name is Brendon. Fans of Home Movies will understand. First, it is a small car (Brendon Small, hint hint) and it is a Focus. Brendon Small is not only a budding filmmaker, but in the "marbles up the nose" episode, he is trying to teach his little sister Josie how to talk:

Josie, can you say focus? Focus? Can you say that? (in a much louder voice) foooooooo cussssss! FOOOOOOO CUSSSSSSSSSS!

I think it's a good name. Not as good as George the Stanza, but hey.


EDIT: By the way, please no comments from the mechanically-minded and supposedly well-meaning folks out there who might get their rocks off telling me I just bought a piece of shit. It may make you feel superior, but it is not what I care to hear right now.

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Most important of all, it passes state inspection. Now you can drive around without fear of the 5-0 busting your tail. ;)

No kidding, especially since the inspection sticker on my old car would have expired tomorrow. o.O

Welcome, friend, to The Brotherhood of Yellow Car Owners! (teaches secret handshake; gives membership card, coupon for free Tim Horton's coffee and baseball cap)


I don't drink coffee, but I love TimBits(TM)! o(:o)

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