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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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May Day
This being May Day and all, I was recalling a tradition we had in my little home town each May 1st. It is one I haven't heard discussed by too many people I know, but I remember us kids looking forward to it every year, and I still recall it fondly.

On April 30, we would all arrange little baskets (nothing huge like Easter, but just a little something, some candy, gum or whatever) for all our friends. Very early on the morning of May 1, we would distribute these little gifts to our friends, leaving them on their doorsteps. Upon arriving home, I would find several on my doorstep, as well.

I just thought this was a very cool tradition--one that unfortunately seems to have died out.

Did anyone else used to do this...?

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Never heard of that! Heard of may day... but not sure what it was. But then again when I moved from New Jersey to Virginia, I asked my roommates if they were going out for Hell Night and they were like "Whhhhhat?!?!?!"

Hell Night has a long history, dating way, way back. In my hometown, we also called it by its German name, Walpurgisnacht.

It was actually called Mischief night in Jersey... Night before Halloween.

Ohhhhh, okay. I thought you meant April 30th, which was the pagan equivalent of Halloween in the spring.

Nah... October 30th. Folks go out and throw toilet paper... spray shaving cream... In Detroit they set things on fire...

... Nope. Never had that kind of thing evar. :-\

Nope, never heard of that tradition, either. It is a very nice one.

Wow. I am frankly surprised not one other person out there ever did this. I grew up in a little old central Iowa town, and every kid in town distributed May baskets on the 1st.

I may have to do some research, and see just how obscure this tradition was.

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