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Off to war again
The psycho chimp in the White House is preparing for another war--apparently, the botched quagmire in Iraq isn't fun anymore, and he wants to play cowboy against someone else.

We are going to war in Iran. Huffington Post columnist Cenk Uygur puts it much more eloquently than I ever could. I strongly suggest you read it; I have put it behind an LJ-cut for space purposes.

Read it. This article and what it implies scared me half to death. And there is nothing anyone in the world can do when Chimpy wants a war.

Clowns to the Left of Me, Jokers to the Right

As the song goes, "I got the feeling that something ain't right ... Clowns to the left of me. Jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you." That's the feeling I get everyday as I listen to the leaders of Iran and America drive us further and further down the road of war.

The whole world must feel like we are stuck in the middle as Bush plays the clown on one side and Ahmedinejad plays the joker on the other.

Ahmedinejad, the so-called President of Iran, is either crazy or doesn't know how crazy we are. Either he wants to push Iran into war because he thinks it will help rally Iranians around his fundamentalist government because of nationalist fervor (which actually is quite rational, the part he's missing is the part where we hunt him down and kill his sons and find him buried in a spider hole). Or he thinks he can taunt us and push us around because we couldn't possibly be crazy enough to start a third war in the Middle East. Boy, he really doesn't know us at all.

Today, an Iranian military leader said Iran would strike Israel if it were attacked. I'm sure they would. And it would be a sound strategy in order to gain the sympathy and help of their neighboring Muslim countries. But saying that only aggravates the already far too aggravated situation.

This is only the 189th irrationally hostile comment the Iranian leadership has made in the last two months. If they don't want war, they've got a funny way of showing it.

On the other side, we have a slightly more irrational world leader who is even more volatile - the President of the United States of America. George Bush isn't about to lose a crazy-off with anybody. How sick is it that there is a legitimate debate about who's crazier, the leader of Iran or the leader of the United States?

If you don't think that's a legitimate debate, take this short quiz:

Was it Iran or the United States that committed these following acts of aggression?

A. Threaten nuclear war on another country.
B. Invade a country that did not attack it.
C. Occupy a country for over three years while claiming to give it "freedom."
D. Organize the violent overthrow of the other country's leader.

For all its bluster, Iran has never said they would consider using nuclear weapons, let alone any weapons against the United States of America. Whereas, George Bush steadfastly maintains that he will keep the option of using nuclear weapons against Iran on the table.

Iran did not attack Iraq in the Iran-Iraq War. Iraq attacked, partly at our behest. And they eventually used weapons against Iran that Don Rumsfeld sold Saddam Hussein. Whereas we have attacked Iraq -- twice now. One was at least to defend an ally; the other was a senseless act of aggression against a nearly defenseless country (and by the way, we are now losing this war against a country that originally had no significant weapons when we invaded it - how incompetent does a Secretary of Defense (yes, that same Don Rumsfeld) have to be to get fired around here?).

Iran has not occupied another country in hundreds of years. Nor did they plan the assassination of William McKinley or JFK. But we have been occupying Iraq with our 150,000 troops parked in Iran's backyard for the last three years. And many years ago, we did depose Iran's elected leader Mohammed Mossadegh and replace him with a Shah (otherwise known as a King).

Yeah, those crazy Iranians. They're dangerous.

Any idiot wrapped around an American flag can yell and scream about how he is a patriot as he sends off other people's kids to die. He can shove a whole apple pie in his face and make out with a TV just to show how truly American he is. And he can get all outraged at the facts I just presented and call me anti-American. But it doesn't make the facts go away.

We're also the same country who came to the rescue of the entire free world when it was in jeopardy during World War II. We rebuilt our enemies and showed historic magnanimity through the Marshall Plan. We built the edifice of international cooperation when we set up the United Nations. We treated our enemies with respect and made them admire and ultimately emulate us. This is what made America the greatest country on earth. Not preemptive wars, not jingoism, not first strikes, not false pride, not arrogance and not acts of overt aggression.

We were made great by our silent acts of heroism and our graceful benevolence. And now the people who cheapen this on a daily basis have the nerve to call us un-American.

I am repulsed that we have a leader more unstable than the radical head of Iran. Iran, for all its boastful strut, has not threatened to attack us, let alone with nuclear weapons they don't have (and couldn't possibly have for another ten years). We're the local bullies on the block who are doing the majority of threatening.

The fact that we are having a serious discussion in this country about attacking yet another nearly defenseless country should sicken us to our core. Yet, we are unfazed. Two days ago, the Jerusalem Post reported that we have already asked permission of Turkey to use their airbases for strikes against Iran. This is not theoretical planning. This is real.

You don't go to the extraordinary step of asking permission from a neighboring country for their cooperation in air strikes unless you are deadly serious about actually carrying out those strikes. It is not a small diplomatic favor. This is far from the standard planning that the Pentagon does for any contingency. This is the revving up of the war machine.

In ironies that know no ends, we apparently offered Turkey a nuclear reactor if they helped us to get rid of Iran's nuclear reactors. Yeah, that's just what we need, another country in the Middle East with a nuclear reactor.

I'm a Turkish-American. So, the fact that Turkey is an ally is not lost on me. That being said, it would be insanity to put a nuclear reactor in Turkey to avoid one in Iran. Does anyone on this administration think? Which dumb idea contest did this jewel win?

It must have been hard to unseat previous dumb idea champions like: 1. Painting a plane in the UN colors and hoping Saddam shoots it down. 2. Considering an attack on the headquarters of Al-Jazeera, a news organization in the middle of a civilian city in an allied country. 3. Using white phosphorus against Iraqi cities after we said we invaded Iraq because Saddam used chemical weapons against Iraqi cities.

There were so many honorable mentions that space limitations don't allow for me to list them all. But among all these horrific ideas, George Bush - again - wins the prize. He's going to give a nuclear reactor to another country in the Middle East if they allow him to bomb the non-existent nuclear reactors that are not yet built in Iran. And possibly carry out this attack with nuclear weapons.

They've broken the irony meter.

Luckily, Turkey isn't nearly as dumb as we are. It turned down the request. But you remember what happened the last time it did that. We carried out the attack anyway. If George Bush goes through with this foolhardy and barbaric idea, he will go down in history as one of the biggest warmongers of all time.

We often talk about the warlords in Afghanistan or Africa. But we have the ultimate warlord here. He's started two enormous wars already and he's just getting warmed up.

With fundamentalist clowns to the left of us and Bush administration jokers to the right, I feel like we are all stuck in the middle together. The people of Iran might not be able to stop their crazy leader, but we're supposed to live in a democracy. We're supposed to have power over our leaders. What are we doing to end this madness?

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Impeach. Impeach. Impeach. Impeach. Impeach. Impeach. Because he's guilty of war crimes and he's known it for years and committed them anyway.

If lying about getting a hummer in the Oval Office is an impeachable offense, lying to get us into a war is not only impeachable, it should come with jail time.

Sadly, disgustingly, impeachment will not happen--not with the political makeup of Congress right now. The Democratic party needs to develop a spine and a message, or the rethugs will hold Congress again after November.

Then it is carte blanche for Chimpy. North Korea? Palestine? France?

The GOP is poised for self-destruction, tho. See this poll--the real problem is that they have such a Stalinesque cult of personality going on with The Idiot, even though they have to run like hell from him to get in synch with most Americans (outside Idaho, Utah, Wyoming and Nebraska, anyway), they're incapable of it in any meaningful way. They'll cling to his ass even while theirs spiral slowly down the drain.

I love it. :)

Well, it should be noted that the GoP doesn't worship Bush, many of them disagree with his policies and even say so, the thing is, the Republican Party was "unified" by Ronald Reagan, and one of the many unspoken rules was "Never Speak ill of another Republican" I'm sure you have squabbles among the GOP, but overall they're unified. This wasn't something started by Bush, its been that way for years.

Yes, they do worship him. They refuse to investigate, they refuse to hold accountable, they refuse to even question the Idiot's every whim, not matter how patently ridiculous. In the main, the GOP are sheep, and I for one refuse to be led to their slaughter. Arlen Specter, for daring to suggest that they might think about maybe having a committee meeting to look into the 750 laws that The Idiot has decided--by royal fiat essentially--that he can ignore, is far and away the exception and not the rule.

You want to know the real reason Trent Lott was ousted from the majority leadership in the Senate? It wasn't his ill-advised remarks reagarding Strom Thurmond's segregationist past. It was because he was willing to compromise with Democrats to get legislation passed. I mean, look at what it took to get DeLay out the door, look at the fact that the now-arrested drug addict Rush Limbaugh hasn't been fired, that Bill O'Reilly kept his job not only through the sex tape scandal but after deliberately editing a tape of a Senator to make him say something he didn't... and they demote Lott for saying something a little dumb? No. They wanted someone in the post whose loyalty was to Dubya, not to the actual job of Senator. If you toe the line, the rules are different for you. It's a deep and profund hypocrisy they practice.

Who started that kind of party/personal loyalty is irrelevant. It has reached a level that is a genuine illness. They are utterly incapable of revolt, even when it's their best interests.

Hate to say it, but the Democrats seem to be just as bad lately.

As bad at *what*? Ignoring laws at will? Trampling privacy rights? Heck, we haven't even had a Democratic vice president shoot a guy since Aaron Burr.

We Democrats didn't start the Iraq war by cherry-picking intelligence when possible and lying otherwise. We Democrats didn't ignore an intelligence paper a month before 9/11 explicitly stating that Osama bin Laden was planning attacks on the US using airplanes. We Democrats didn't--treasonously, I might add, in the elder George Bush's opinion--'out' a covert CIA operative for the explicit purpose of putting pressure on her husband. We Democrats didn't unilaterally decide to just ignore 750 laws.

Don't even hint that there's no difference between the Democrats and Republicans. We are not like them.

Blah. I wasn't saying Democrats were like Republicans. What I am saying is that politicians are politicians. They all have their weaknesses. Atmittedly, right now I am very rooting for the democratic point of view.

Sorry if you thought I was comparing the two parties. You really can't.

and I don't appear to be able to type coherently when I am tired either.

No prob. :)

Anyway, I have to disagree on "politicians are politicians", although rather less vehemently since in large measure, you're right. But some really do want to do their jobs. Unfortunately, being a decent person is a great way to fail to advance in Washington--the only route for the good ones to make it to the top is seniority. A few have. Not enough, of course.

Oh, and yes, you're right--spine, and message. Critical. Mainly spine. It's heartening to know that of the 30-some Iraq vets who are running for Congress this year, all but one are Democrats.

Unfortunately, I fear the rethugs are gonna drag out another "God Hates Fags" referendum like they did in 2004--and the dipshit sheep are gonna fall for it again.

Please, please let me be wrong on this!

I dunno. Things are spinning out of their control right now, The Idiot's tanking to unpopularity depths not seen since Nixon in '74, they can't get around public anger over gas prices, and people are finally saying the "liar" word in public. I'm less worried about what issue they'll try to spin than I am the machines we vote on.

It's nice to read a LJ that makes sense. Got one guy on my list who I guess works for Fox news... plus the 'tards that reply and say "You are so right."

I think I can guess who the Kool-Aid drinker is on your friends' list, too. It astounds me how supposedly intelligent people completely abandon facts and common sense when it comes to their king...uh, dicta...uh, "president."

I bet you probably have a good idea. I'm trying to be... open minded... tollerant... etc...

With all due respect, why? The rethugs have no intention of being open-minded or tolerant; it runs against the chief tenets of the GOP nowadays. Theirs is a party of ignorance, stupidity, thinly-veiled racism, bigotry, chauvinism and homophobia. The right-wing stance is: our way or the highway. Any attempt at logical, fact-based debate is met with a stubborn, childish lashing out.

This is why I have removed anyone right-leaning from my friends list. I have nothing to say to them anymore, nor vice versa.

You're right. It is done. :P

Bravo! You will find at least some of your peace of mind returning, with the furry division of the right-wing noise machine silenced.

Why white house always think they can solve the problem with war??

It's a distraction. A great big, expensive distraction that costs tons of money and lives.

If the American people took a good close look at the treasonous Bush administration, they would be outraged.

The good news is the people are getting outraged, anyway. The bad news is W and his gestapo are clueless, and think they can boost poll numbers with another war.

If anyone can start WWIII, I'm confident that George Bush can.

...and, barring an out-and-out revolt, he will.

People think I'm a conspiracy nut when I say that the New World Order has been planning stuff like the invasion of Iran for years now. It's not a recent development. It was probably planned well before Afghanistan and Iraq, not only to get control of most of the world's oil, but to kill millions and millions of people in the Middle East. And this includes the sadly dispensable Israelis. Iran will nuke the fuck out of Isreal, and Russia and China, who get their oil from Iran, will not stand idly by and let America invade. Bad, bad shit will come from this.

You think it's a coincidence that so many neocons also profess to be extreme Xians? They have an Armageddon to trigger, so Jesus can come again. I first saw it 25 years ago, when the repulisve James Watt was made Secretary of the Interior, and explicitly said that he thought environmentalism didn't matter, since Jesus would be coming back within a generation or two anyway.

The Doomsday Cult is, for the first time, in power. Hang on to your seats, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

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