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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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A meme for the young at heart...
..which means if you can remember the majority of things on this list, your attitude is about all that is left that is young. o.O

Stolen from trdsf, this meme sure brought back a lot of memories. I had a lot of fun with it!

Tucked behind a cut for all the 19-year-olds on my friends list--who would just be confused.

Here is the meme, with the things I recall in bold text.

Candy cigarettes--ah, the gateway drug of my childhood, with the spot of pink or red dye at one end, so you knew which end to smoke. Made out of pure sugar--and if you blew on one end of it, you even got a little powdered-sugary puff of "smoke!" I smoked candy Winstons, so I could be just like my mom.

Wax coke-shaped bottles with colored sugar water inside--yeah, although I loved the 1/64th of an ounce of Kool-Aid inside it and threw away the wax. I didn't realize for years that you were supposed to chew the wax. Ewww.

Soda pop machines that dispensed glass bottles--hell, yes. I worked at a grocery store where I had to fill those things. It took hours. When the soda manufacturers switched over to plastic, I rejoiced; the absence of all that glass took away about 80% of the freakin' weight that had to be hauled.

Hoola hoop contests

Buying milk from a vending machine for a quarter, with your penny change taped to the side

Coffee shops with tableside juke boxes--I think there still might be a few of these around--but those would be considered retro. I also remember my hometown had an honest-to-goodness soda fountain, where your favorite flavors were mixed right there in front of you.

Blackjack, Clove and Teaberry chewing gum--Yeah. Blackjack made me gag.

Home milk delivery in glass bottles, with cardboard stoppers--sorta. We had a big, square, metal milk delivery box with a huge "AE" on front of it (Anderson-Erickson dairy in Des Moines). Daily delivery stopped when I was a pretty young kid, though.

Party lines--heh. My brother had one of those when he lived out in the country. I used to listen in to all the farm wives gossiping. o(:o)

Newsreels before the movie

P. F. Flyers

Butch wax--luckily, no. Although I did have to wear a butch haircut until I was about 13 or 14, and those damned black plastic Buddy Holly glasses. Rico! Suave!

Telephone numbers with a word prefix--yes, though they didn't use them in my hometown. Wanna know why? The prefix was 382, which makes the first two letters FU. My old phone number when I was a kid could be spelled out as FUCIN VD.

Peashooters--Well, I wasn't Dennis the Menace; like trdsf, we called these "straws"--and the ammunition "spitwads."

Howdy Doody--no, thank goodness. The few reruns of this I have seen in my life were disturbing, surreal and pointless--all in bad ways.

45 RPM Records--hell yes! Remember those little yellow spirally things we would put in the big middle hole so they would play on a regular record player spindle?

Green Stamps--yup, at Wahlman's, the local A&P.

Hi-fis--duh! Where else am I gonna play my 45's?

Metal ice cube trays with levers--yup. And when the lever broke, you had to throw the whole tray away--because after that, an act of god wouldn't even get the freakin' ice out of those things.

Mimeograph paper--ah, purple ink on my fingers and that sweet, medicinal smell of the first several dozen times I got stoned. School can be fun! Or it could before they came up with those boring, non-hallucinogenic Xerox machines.

Blue flash bulbs--uh huh. And the flash cubes that would rotate after every pic you took, and those futuristic-looking flash bars.

Beanie and Cecil--I know of it very well from studying animation history, and the freakishly-vain Bob Clampett and his bizarre Roy Orbison toupee, but I don't personally recall it from my childhood, no.

Roller skate keys--yup, and the train-like clackety-clack-clack sound your street skates would make going over the seams in the sidewalk.

Cork pop guns--but of course! Surely someone still makes these.

Drive ins--I used to live at the Ranch Drive-In in Ames, Iowa. We used to sneak in in the trunk to avoid paying the exorbitant amount of $3.50 for three movies. o.O


Wash Tub wringers

The Fuller Brush man

Reel-to-reel tape recorders--I used to have one, with the humongous honkin' microphone you could club a burglar to death with.

Phonographs--had one with a 78 setting. Remember those? Big-ass records as fragile as glass.

The "twist", "mashed potatoes", and "funky-chicken"

Tinkertoys--we used to build huge forts with these, with a sheet draped over it.

The Erector Set--yup. Remember when they introduced the Erector Set with a motor? Oooooooo.

The Fort Apache Playset--Every single male child in the 1960s and 1970s had one of these at one point.

Lincoln Logs--Do they still make these out of wood? Do they still make these, period?

15 cent McDonald hamburgers & 10 cent fries--my parents could feed themselves and all us seven kids with less money than it takes to get an extra value meal now. I remember when they still had numbers on McDonald's signs--and waiting for the numbers to change.

5 cent packs of baseball cards--didn't collect them, though. If I did, I could probably retire now.

Penny candy--big old jars marked one cent, two cents, a nickel--and the really top-of-the-line candy for a dime!

35 cent-a-gallon gasoline--um, I remember it being even less than that.

When the first man walked on the moon--wish I could say yes, but I was a little too young.

When Elvis Presley first appeared on the Ed Sullivan show

When the Beatles arrived--no, but Hey Jude was released in the US on my birthday!

When the Barbie doll hit the scene

One more not on the list, but it is one of my most fond childhood memories:

Cherry Crush--it's still around, but extremely rare. I used to practically live on that stuff.

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(Deleted comment)
Oh, wow! Charlie Chips, in those big metal cans. Those were awesome!

Hi-fis--duh! Where else am I gonna play my 45's?

Well, on your Kenner Close n' Play, where else? ;-)

Phonographs--had one with a 78 setting. Remember those? Big-ass records as fragile as glass.

WRONG! 78s are much more fragile than glass. When you drop a glass on the floor, it might survive the fall. A 78 will shatter in 3 dozen fragments.

As for reel-to-reel recorders, I collect them! :-D

Heh...it just dawned on me I have a whole carton full of albums, and no turntable. D'oh!

And you're right about 78s. I remember I had one sitting in my lap one time, and I leaned over to get something, and the damned thing just shattered. I hadn't even moved that much! Got a nasty cut on my leg, too. o(:oP

Keep your eyes opened for garage sales. They go for $5 - $10 but make sure the needle is still working.

I might just take the ones that aren't out on CD to an AV specialist who can record albums to CD for me.

Sounds rather expensive! O.O

I'm 21 so I know many of these things! In fact, I live near a drive-in. Went there for the first time in several last a week or two ago. Had a blast. :3

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