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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Am I the only one confused?
I have been seeing commercials for the new Chevy Cobalt.

In the commercials, the Cobalt is red. o.O

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Yeah, exactly, since cobalt by definition is a dark blue.

I know... that's just... stupid... yeesh... shouldn't that cause a rip in the time space continuum?

I bet they just used the world cobalt because it sounded cool (and it does) and banked on no one knowing what it was.

Technically it's silver-white. When the mineral is mixed into glass, it creates a dark blue color commonly referred to as "Cobalt blue," but there's no logical reason why a vehicle named after the element should be blue, any more than the Dodge Neon should be glow bright red and let you know that your local eatery is currently OPEN.

Well, neon is a colorless gas that only glows when electrically-charged.

In common, layman terms, cobalt is associated with the color blue.

I'd disagree. I'd say if that's how you define "layman's terms," in layman's terms, neon is the glowy stuff you see on the side of buildings.

But when someone says cobalt, I first think of the magnetic, radioactive mineral, not a color named after it. I submit that perhaps you think of the color first because of your affiliation with artists. But the color is called cobalt blue, as in carnation pink. When someone says carnation, do you think of the color, or the flower?

Cuz personally, I think of condensed milk.

I would think of the flower.

But thanks, anyway, for entirely sapping the humor out of my entry.

And foolish me thinking I was being funny.

Actually, I find something truly interesting.

My dear wife recently purchased an ORANGE Cobalt..

The interesting thing is, if you take a photo of it and look at the negative, it's BLUE.

It's the NEGA-COBALT!!


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