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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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I just got back a little while ago from seeing Over the Hedge. It is very, very much worth the price of admission; I recommend it highly!

Even with my film background, and over thirty years of studying the art of animation, I honestly can't find anything negative about this movie in the slightest. The writing was sharp, the character designs top-notch (a welcome relief after the horrendous train wreck design of Disney's Chicken Little), the voice work was perfect. And Ben Folds' songs were such a welcome breath of fresh air after years and years and years and years of being force-fed Randy Newman.

This is a movie I will own on DVD as soon as I can.

Go see Over the Hedge! Now!

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Now I wouldn't mind seeing him towering over a hedge...or a city!

Very nice work, my friend, thank you. *hug*

Kung Fu Panda to come + Flushed Away before that ^^

Cute and interesting...but I feel we have wandered a wee bit off-topic. o(:o)

Hardly, as Flushed away is the NEXT Dreamworks film [After Over the Hedge]http://animation.dreamworksfansite.com/flushedaway/

+ Kung Fu Panda way after that
[2008 ?]After Bee Movie, Shrek 3 etc

I've been a gushing Dreamworks fan since "The Prince of Egypt" BTW

I'll stand in as lone defender of Chicken Little. =:) I didn't care much for the character designs, but the actual animation - their movements and comic timing - was nonetheless joyfully sharp. The story's plot wasn't anything notable, but, I could forgive that for the many little touches, including background jokes. Ultimately, I really enjoyed it. ^_^

OtH I'll probably wind up seeing, as the furry word seems pretty favorable, and the strip has flashes of brilliance from time to time. Not sure if there's much lapinity, but, I have W&G:CotW-R. =:)

I -like- Randy Newman. :(

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