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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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To all artists who may be reading this...
...or, more specifically, all artists who will be attending AC: I have an idea, and I wanted to bounce it off you guys. (Forgive me if you see this post twice; I am cross-posting it on my personal LJ and the Anthrocon one, as well.)

For the past seven years, I have been bringing at least three sketchbooks to Anthrocon; it is where I do about 80% of my furry art collecting for the year. This has served me relatively well, except they are very bulky to carry around, and whenever I get my bags inspected at the airport, I seem to get asked about them--which can create some uncomfortable moments in these tense times. Anything that isn't considered 100% "normal" in an airport seems to get negative attention.

Anyway, the last few years I have been bringing along 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of index paper, which is thick, decent quality paper, nice and stiff, and decent for drawing. When all of my sketchbooks are circulating at a con, I fall back on these if there is an artist I really want to get a drawing from. So far, none of the artists I have given these to (as opposed to a sketchbook) have seemed to mind.

So...I am considering not bringing sketchbooks at all to this coming AC. Using index sheets instead, as I see it, has these advantages:

1) Much easier to pack and carry around
2) More convenient--I don't have to chase sketchbooks around, waiting for one artist to finish so I can pass them on to the next artist
3) Easier to scan and post once I get home
4) Easier to tuck the finished drawing into an archive-quality acid-free portfolio

The only downside I could see would be keeping an adult drawing concealed in public--but there are easy ways around this, just like handling an adult print.

So what do folks out there think of this method of collecting artwork? I would love to hear feedback from any artists--or non-artists, for that matter.

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you could always pick up one of those cheep portfilio's to stast it all in.. even if you have to double up images to get them home they will still be protected. And, the plain black portfilio will garner a lot less attention then a sticker covered book.

Well, I plan to store things in sheet protectors and stiff envelopes (like UPS and FedEx ones) until I get them home. A lot less bulk that way.

Expect to pay up front if you hand some artists loose leaf paper. A book is like "collateral," so artists don't have a problem waiting until after the image is done to collect money. But I know a few artists that require the money up front as a deposit -- collectors sometimes drop off paper to have something drawn, never to return to collect or pay for what they asked for.

*nodnods* I generally prefer to pay up front, anyway. It's just good business, and it lets the artist know I am serious about the transaction. If all else fails, I can get my money back if they are unable to complete the picture.

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Hee. Remind me to bring a big, thick board covered with really rough 10-grade sandpaper. o(;o)

Actually, I wish more people would go that route.... I grow tired of lugging around 5 or 6 heavy sketchbooks in my backpack when the owners don't return for them before the alley closes.

Ah, there we go...another positive aspect of using my system!

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