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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Knock me over with a feather
Dubya buddies Ken Lay and Jeffrey Skilling were actually found guilty:


Any real chance they will really serve any time?

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Probably not. If they turned all their ill-gotten gains over to the people they fucked--the ones who thought their retirements were all set, the low-level employees whose stocks aren't even worth toilet paper anymore--I could see my way clear to shaving a year or two off the sentence.

Now, if The Idiot is actually stupid enough to issue a Presidential pardon... wait, he is.

Yeah, and if he does, I foresee approval levels of about 15%.

But he's too damned dumb to realize that--or care.

Hell, he's heading for 15% anyway at this rate. It'd be appropriate from the scumbag who refused to pardon and then mocked a woman on her way to execution, to instead pardon a couple of corporate criminals. Money's more important than people, yaknow.

Gods. The more I think about the RainMan-in-Chief, the closer my head comes to exploding.

Here's my theory: assuming we haven't thrown his war-criminal ass out of the White House before then, you just watch. He'll announce a Presidential pardon at 11.30am on 20 January, 2009.

Sure..just like Rush Limbaugh did for forging prescriptions.

They will get that really hard wrist slap.

I completely ♥ your icon. :)

Actually, a very strong chance atleast one of them (most likely Skilling) wount ever see the light of day again. It may not be in a high security prison, and with appeals, it could be a bit before it is offical, but those two are done.

I wish I shared your optimism, my friend.

I'm a bussiness student, you see see laws actually being made by the dc clowns because of what they did, then see case study after case study on 'what not to do' with their names constantly being seen, you have a hard time seeing how they can't go to prison for life.

Yeah, but I fear it is all lip service, saying what the politicians think the public wants to hear.

I still think Lay and Skilling will get their rich, white White House buddies to get them off.

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