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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Speaking of the Talibangelicals...
Yup, the most pressing issue facing this country is going to the US Congress for a speedy vote next week:

Fags still want to marry!


And there was much groaning and gnashing of teeth.

It's a good thing that Iraq is stable and democratized, that New Orleans is in tip-top shape and fully prepared for another hurricane, and that finally no one on either side of the aisle in Congress is corrupt. Not to mention that affordable health care we all now have. That's a relief! Now we can deal with the important issues.

It won't pass, of course, but that isn't the point. BushRoveCo. just wants the right-wing freaks to yank the crosses out of their asses just long enough to vote in November. It worked in 2004, and by golly, they're gonna try it again.

My favorite comment on this topic comes from a reader's reaction to the article referenced above:

The fundies are Charlie Brown and Rove is Lucy with the football.

That analogy is perfect.

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Well, this is an important issue to look at. Since you pointed out we declared victory in Iraq in 2003 and then helped out New Orleans without flaws. Plus all our groovy health care is the envy of Canada.
...I swear to god this administration...
Why don't they cut out the middle man and write the "No fags or hispanics" bill??

Hey, if they hold Congress in November, they will use their 'political capital' for all sorts of abuses.

Good point - I read Limbaugh recently declared that the reason Bush was faring so poorly in the polls at the moment (aside from not being a "real conservative" - it's not that the policies were bad, he just failed to apply them as thoroughly as he could have) was:

"[T]he Iraq war is already perceived to have been won, not that we're losing it. It's because we have won it, and the American people do not rank it as high on the list of things that concern them as, say, gasoline prices or immigration or what have you."

Gods, I'd read Rove's master plan for this year was to have three pillars - immigration, gay marriage, and abortion - but I'd really thought they might have something to say about, say, reducing the deficit, stating what the withdrawal plan from Iraq and Afghanistan is, dealing with the rising numbers of people without healthcare, or global warming, but.. ah, e'er the optimist. ^_^;

I'm waiting for the day when gays can get married to one another. When that day does come the world is probably going to blow up. FUCK BUSH! I can't wait for his ass to be out of office. I voted for Kerry! I know that he also was a bad chose, but eh, better then Bush. I wonder who's going to be running this year?

I object. Kerry was NOT a bad choice. Goddammit, people, quit apologizing for being Democrats! Kerry was a goddamn brilliant choice, certainly when compared to the alternative, and a darn good choice otherwise. You want a bad choice? Lieberman. There's a bad choice.

I know Kerry was an awesome choice. I had a little problems with some of his issues, but all around he was a good choice, that's why I voted for him. I'm just sick of getting asked who I voted for, telling people who I voted for and being told that he was also a bad choice, sometimes getting "You voted for Kerry! Kerry's worse then Bush!"

Yeah, I don't fully understand why some Democrats feel it is cool here lately to bash Kerry. He was the best choice, certainly, in 2004--but then again, a moldy bowl of pudding would have been the better choice in 2004, over Dubya. Lest that be misconstrued, I feel Kerry was an excellent candidate, regardless of who he was running against.

trdsf, I fear the spineless Democrats are going to hand Congress over this fall. It is theirs to lose, and it looks like they are doing their damnedest to do just that.

I feel the same way. Being a Democrat myself. They just don't know how to fight the Republicians. Sure they do fight them, but end up backing down. It's time for the Democrats to be in the main seat and time for the Republicians to take a fucking seat in the back.

Curiously enough, Laura Bush called the amendment "bad legislation"... and even Darth Cheney is agin' it.

Of course, Dumbass needs something to try to keep people from paying attention to a massacre of men, women and children by US Marines that's been covered up since last November.

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