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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Whoa! O.O
I stumbled over this quote (unfortunately not credited to anyone specific) while thumbing through blogs today. It is such a powerful and true statement on so many levels, I had to post it here:

The only difference between George W. Bush and Rev. Fred Phelps is Phleps attends servicemen's funerals.

That one sentence's simplicity and truth hits me like a punch to the stomach. Amazingly well-put.

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Ouch. :)

I don't agree with the statement, though. Phelps is batshit insane. I don't honestly think W is insane. Just greedy, corrupt, calculating, and so on.

True, it may be an over-simplified statement, but it has an almost jarring ring of truth to it.

And I do believe W has a profound break with reality--though I don't know if that classifies as insane or not.

Oh, I think he's clinically sociopathic, myself. He has a complete disconnect between his actions and the consequences therefrom. That's definitely insane.

Hey! He's keeping those funerals going, so he's doing his part!


That is a gutpunch, innit?

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