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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Two news headlines, one right next to the other, on MSN.com news today:

Bush: Zarqawi death 'a severe blow'
Bombs kill 25 in Baghdad

Sigh. 'Mission Accomplished', indeed.

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Funny how the news didn't get to really report Bush's gay marriage amendment crashing and burning (which even got Republicans voting against it for once). Now he can claim this for the midterms... Something in my head thinks if the Republican voting numbers in the presidential race look bad in 2008, Osama might pop up captured.

Which leads one to wonder if Zarqawi really is dead. How do we know? If you drop two 500 pound bombs on somebody, there's not a whole lot left to positively ID. This leaves us having to trust military intelligence and Fox News to tell us the truth.

I'm not saying it is or isn't true, just remember the movieWag the Dog.

Well, they yanked his fat corpse from the rubble, finger prints, tatoos, and body scars all point to him being Zarqawi.

Also, they showed a picture of his body on CNN

Obviously, you don't watch CNN, I saw it on TV just the other day, and it was on the front page of my very republican and very conservative local newspaper.

I can't get CNN. The cable company won't run lines down my road, and I'd have to cut down half a forest of my neighbors trees to get satellite.

*beep* X gets the block, hehe.

Actually, I do watch CNN along with other tv I flip through happily. I just keep tabs on the same news feeds and media which commonplace citizens are exposed to so I can see trends, underlying themes, political games, media lies etc. I understand the media rarely comprises of pure facts, yet, many people will believe what they see on it. Even if mention was made of the failing, it is pretty noticable upon the public view that the amendment proposal is well out of the public eye and mind within but a single day.

Media did its thing as usual. Then all the conservatives call it a liberal tool, the liberals call it a corporate sham, and they sit back reveling in whoever fills their pockets happily in the middle. =^.^=

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