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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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AC, she's a comin'
Yup, it's coming fast. The next few days pre-con will go by in a hazy blur; I know that from past experience. Taking a cue from mirkowuff, latinvixen02 and others, I am listing some do's and don't's, when you see me at AC.

Please do:

* Feel free to approach me. During Dealer's Room and Artist's Alley hours, you can most generally find me wandering around in that neighborhood. During the evenings, it's anyone's guess; I will likely be meandering around the lobby, Zoo, or in the bar. I try my best to socialize at night. Even if it looks like I am with a group of people already, feel free to say hello!

* Invite me to lunch or dinner. I am open to this, if I don't already have something planned--even if I do, it may not mean another person couldn't come along. If you would like to hang out for a meal or something, just ask.

* Feel free to hug or scritch or back rub or whatever, as long as it is generally considered decent public behavior. Anything beyond that can be arranged privately.

* Introduce yourself to me if you are a fursuiter. I have always loved the creativity, artistry and acting talent it takes to do what you folks do. I would like to get to know more fursuiters--and more about the craft.

* Introduce yourself if you are an artist. It should come as no surprise to anyone that I absolutely love furry art, and respect the living daylights out of anyone who can express themselves in graphic arts.

* Call my room and leave a message if you can't track me down. I promise I will return any messages I receive. I will post my room number on the public board, probably Thursday afternoon or evening. (Sorry; I don't own a cell phone.)

Please don't:

* "Surprise pounce" me. This isn't something said in a socially-uptight manner. I had someone pounce me from behind a few years ago, and it messed up my upper back for several weeks.

* Call me "famous." No, this isn't false modesty. My web page is almost entirely supported by the creative work of others; they are the ones who deserve the recognition. I love that artists get more exposure--and let's be honest, business--from my site. But the Yukon Connection has always been about cheerleading great artists; it has never been a "love-me" page or an entry in some nebulous popularity contest.

* Swamp me with negativity. Some of you may consider this hypocritical, since heaven knows I have been known to go emo on occasion. But a con is neither the time nor place for this. It should be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

That's about it, I think. Feel free to ask me any questions you would like, and I will see some of you at AC! o(:o)

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I admit, I'm a bit puzzled by these lists. Are people meant to copy them onto 3x5 cards and keep them for handy reference when actually meeting them, then refer to them for the precise protocols applicable to the individual?

(Well, I suppose it'd be a lot more manageable with a PDA)

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