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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Please tell me this is the Twilight Zone!
Okay, I stepped outside to have a quick smoke. Little did I know one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen would pull up.

drleo and I have new neighbors across the street, apparently--and they pulled up in this huge trailer that looked like a freakin' carnival ride. It had crucifixes hanging from the front of it, pictures of Christ on the side, and on the top of it in giant red letters was painted the word


Well, JESUS, welcome to the neighborhood, from your two liberal fag neighbors! o(:o)

Holy mackerel; truth is stranger than fiction.

For the pic, check out drleo's LJ entry here: http://drleo.livejournal.com/220440.html

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Okay, if they start getting annoying, let me know, and I remember some details from 'The Esoteric Brotherhood of Dagon' defense a friend of mine in college used to use... :)

Jesus Carnies? Wow. What is this world coming to?

That's actually pretty common. For years I lived in a town just a few miles north of Gibsonton, Florida, which had a small amount of national notoriety as the place most of the carnies retired to or wintered in. (The "X-Files" did an episode set in Gibsonton because of that.) And it was a pretty religious, blue collar and red neck kinda place.

Just, with a lot of circus rides parked on front lawns. They had a special zoning exception there.

like the slogan says keep austin weird

... People still say "holy mackarel"? :)

(Deleted comment)
Oh, I do, and I suggested that...but drleo said it would probably be a bad idea. Jesus' fan club tends to be a pretty humorless and violent lot.

(Deleted comment)
haha. awesome. I see fun times ahead.

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