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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Anthrocon 2006
All righty, then....

First and foremost, kudos to the staff and volunteers of AC 2006. As always, they did an exemplary job, especially with the growing pains and having to get accustomed to an entirely new venue. As is true every year, they deserve our congratulations and continued support. Wonderful job, folks!

My personal account of the con follows--and I will graciously spare those who wish to skip over it by placing it beneath a cut.

There seemed to be a little bit too much grumbling and moaning about the hotel and the medium-length walk from the hotel to the convention center, where the Dealers' Room, Artists' Alley and Art Shows were housed. Generally, those whining about that walk were the 550-pound folks who break a sweat while farting, so that can more or less be dismissed. There were a couple issues with the hotel (the bizarre air-conditioning system that had to be activated with a room key and some room keys having to be re-coded, for example), but nothing super-serious; personally, I had no problems with the Westin at all.

Anyway, for me it was a very good con. I was able to both get some quality time in with good friends and collect a very nice crop of new artwork. Since those are my two chief criteria for a successful convention, this one excelled.

Saturday brought a pleasant surprise as my roomate from back in my Ohio days, trdsf, was able to visit the con for one day. I hope the weirdness wasn't too overwhelming. o(:o)

It is overwhelming for me to try to sit here and detail what happened to me at AC. Suffice it to say that scarcely a moment passed this past weekend when I wasn't in excellent company. I may regret this, but I will list below all the folks whose company made AC 2006 such a good convention for me. In all fairness, I am basically gonna do this in alphabetic order, most of them being listed by their LJ names:

artdecade, aubrin, bauske, bayson, Big Bad Wolf, bigbluefox, bigtig, charon2, chipotle, cirruskitfox, kylet, Derrick Dasenbrock, dnapalmhead, dracoofthesky, drleo, firestormsix, Fox Tod, Lou Frank, gideon_hoss, goldenrod, grimal, invisiblewolf, iridium_wolf, jadedfox, kaputotter, mysterymrglenn, Meesh, mirkowuff, moonstalker, palladinthug, pathia, rexxwolfe, reynard_t_fox_3, sabrewing, Sardonyx Fox, silver_fenrir, susandeer, tchall, the_gneech, torrle, trdsf, unclekage, mossfox, wendingo and wildwolf4paws.

If I have forgotten anyone, I apologize profoundly; it isn't a slight so much as it is my being a little spacy and writing this after midnight. I am still a little wiped out from the con. Lemme know and I will edit you in.

Now time to start planning for Anthrocon 2007!

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(Deleted comment)
Yeah. o(:oP Seems I missed a lot of folks this year.

yeah it's a total drag to try and list EVERYTHING that happens at a con. That's why I don't try too hard lol.

Yeah; it's four days of chaos, albeit good chaos.

Sorry I didn't get the chance to say hi!

Dude. Never mind the MST3K ConventioCon, ChiCon V (WorldCon), just about every OVFF since 1989 or '90: you've met my family. I can't be overwhelmed by weirdness. :D

Ahhh but you haven't met MY family yet =)

Sorry I didn't pipe up when I caught you chatting with Tigerwolf (on Friday was it?) Anyways, I did glimpse you and say hi, so that's good.

I didn't mind the walk, really. The air conditioning was so awesome in the convention center, sweat didn't have a chance. :KD The hotel in general was pretty poor though, for other reasons.

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