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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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That sound you hear is my head exploding
The "Christian" right bubbles over with hypocrisy so blatant that I am finding it hard to believe I haven't accidentally tumbled into an episode of the Twilight Zone.

The following quotes are from Republicans, referring to the embryonic stem-cell bill, passed by the Senate and likely to be passed by the House--but due to be the first veto ever by the Commander-in-Thief:

"Each and every one of us began as an embryo," said Sen. David Vitter, R-Louisiana. "Therefore, I firmly believe that (neither) Congress, independent researchers nor any human being should be allowed, in effect, to play God by determining that one life is more valuable than another." (from CNN.com)

One conservative group, Focus on the Family Action, in Colorado Springs, Colo., praised Bush's "uncommon character and courage in his defense of preborn," while blasting senators who voted against Bush. "Some members of the Senate who should know better voted to destroy human lives - and that goes beyond cowardice." (from MSN.com; bold text is mine for added emphasis on the grotesquely stupid comment.)

And finally, from the Chimp's mouthpiece:

"The simple answer is he thinks murder's wrong," said White House spokesman Tony Snow. (from news.yahoo.com)

Okay, right-wing thugs--the soldiers and Iraqi citizens you condemned to die, what are they? No war has been officially declared there, so you haven't got that excuse to fall back on. I am going to use this blanket statement--which I normally oppose--but I believe it to be true:

Bush has blood on his hands. The blood of innocents. He and his mouth-breathing, stupid, thug followers have condoned murder for their own gain for almost six years now. This applies to anyone stupid enough to continue to support him.

Don't any of you on the right even dare to preach about murder, or even the broader concept of right and wrong. You no longer have that right. You are all moral failures--by your own criteria.

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Let's not forget mocking a woman on death row when he had it in his power to commute her sentence.

Having seen alcoholism in action in my family, it should be pretty obvious how I feel about him when I say that I wish he'd stayed on the sauce. He wouldn't be destroying my country right now if he'd just stayed an affable rich Texas drunk.

Not to mention his groping German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G8 Summit:


Read the article attached to this, too, if you have the time. Merkel looks positively freaked out.

See my journal--I linked to (and translated) the German coverage, particularly the block of six stills from the video.

I have this little fantasy that Laura saw it, screamed "You philandering son of a bitch!" and hit him with a frying pan. :)

I hope the voters in this country are awake enough to metaphorically wield that frying pan in November.

(Deleted comment)
I only wish I didn't have to say it, you know?

(Deleted comment)
or more... its okay for private firms to invest in it and make treatments that only a few very welathy people could benefit from and have all discoveries made "private" and "copyrighted"

just as long as the general public have no rights to these discoveries

did you know well over 50% of the world's medical technologies and research is done in the USA of that its a fairly even split between private and public labs. The public l;abs will tend to create treatments that are cheaper or even free to everyone...

not that I'm paranoid

...and his morally-blind followers don't see the hypocrisy in that, either. Gods.

sillywolf didn't you know a featus has more a right to life then doctors, soldiers or foriegners...

Well, duh. It's still INNOCENT. ;)

well if one ascribes to the idea of original sin no one is truly innocent. Also one can easily make the arugment that death in war prevents people from seeking redemption.

Eeep! Eye-burning otter cross! o.O

It's true. They only consider you a human being when you are a fetus. After you're born, you're "just a number." (Tony Snow's words) They will gleefully side with companies feeding steroid-tainted milk to elementary school kids, or polluting groundwater or air in some small midwestern town, or defend a system that allows thousands of children to die every year because pharmaceutical are able to overprice medicine beyound what many families can afford, or die in an ineptly managed, completely unjust, totally unwarranted war.

Unless, of course, they happen to be a young republican, in which case they'll probably never _volunteer_ to serve in Iraq because their skills are much better suited for championing the war behind a computer keyboard or making anonymous death threats against widows of 9/11 victims, mothers of soldiers killed in Iraq, and even 15 year old girls.

Here's one of the best articles I've read that sums up the modern conservative movement.

It's gone beyond anonymous threats, too. Some right-wing bloggers are posting the full names, email addresses, phone numbers and physical addresses of those with whom they disagree. With friendly little reminders to "let these folks know what you think."

With what? A Molotov cocktail? A gun?

Yep, Michelle Malkin. Her husband, who was found to ghost-write much of her stuff, once physically assaulted a female student. These are not pleasant people.

(Deleted comment)
To which it is all too easy to respond:

Um...American soldiers--2500+ and counting--have been murdered for your war for oil.


Remember kids, God says it's wrong to kill clumps of embryonic cells, but kill all foreigners you want!

(Oh yeah, I forgot about liberals, fags, and our own troops in Iraq..those are okay too)

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