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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Steinie v. Other Guy
I ran across a bit of trivia about Ernest Hemingway today. Those who know me know that I can barely stand his writing, and just don't care for him much as a person, either. I have long been a very loyal John Steinbeck fan, and will very likely be the rest of my life. The comparisons between Steinbeck and Hemingway over the years--which irritated both authors, by the way--almost force folks to take sides (kinda like the Beatles v. Rolling Stones argument). Well, I choose Steinbeck, for many literary and personal reasons I will not go into here.

Anyway, I have long known that Steinbeck was a dog person; he even named his book Travels with Charley after his dog. Well, I found out today that Hemingway didn't care all that much for dogs and identified himself as a cat person.

I don't hate cats--for all of you felines out there all crouched down and waggling your butts, preparing to pounce--but I identify much more with the canine side.

So, here's to Steinbeck--and Charley! *toasts*

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Not only that but I do believe Hemingway had a thing for polydactyl cats. They're good luck for men at sea. :)

Hemingway requires patient, careful, and slow reading. Definitely not for everyone.

It's a pity they have kids read him in high school -- just because he has grammatically uncomplicated sentences does not mean he's easy to read! High school kids just ain't ready.

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