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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Movin' on up...
To the *north* side. Thanks, drleo, for sticking that song in my head permanently. Did I tell you all he has it as his cell phone ring tone?

But I digress.

I went and signed the 430,000 sheets of paper needed to lease my new apartment. Not a bad place--620 square feet, decent rent, decent neighborhood. Not a palace, but not a shoe box, either. I think it will come together quite nicely. I even get an accent wall in my living room painted the color of my choice for free, which I thought was pretty cool. I chose a nice, deep, teal-green color.

So now I work on getting utilities turned on, getting my connection for my LOLinternets, furniture, etc. etc. *stress* It's the first time I have lived completely on my own since 1995--so there are a billion little things I will need to purchase to keep an apartment running, stuff I haven't had to consider in about ten years. Gods. Tempus fugit, as drleo would say--or as I would say, "tempus fuggit." Move-in will probably be four weeks from today. *double stress*

Wish me luck!

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