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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Music musing
Having known a few musicians and music majors in my life, I have run across a three-line poem that highlights the relationship between classical music and spirituality. It's a nicely-crafted little poem, succinctly but accurately describing the styles of three great composers.

Then, a couple years back, I saw a fourth line someone had added...and just about laughed my ass off.

Try to imagine the first three lines in delicate, stylish calligraphy, and the fourth line in hastily scribbled graffiti style:

Bach gave us God's love;
Mozart gave us God's laughter;
and Beethoven gave us God's fire.

...and Wagner gave us Hitler.


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But Ludwig II gave us Wagner, and Ludwig had those big pretty castles, so it can't be ALL bad. :P

Good point. And much of Wagner's music is gorgeous. It's just that Wagner himself was an anti-Semitic, bigoted piece of crap. o(:oP

Wagner...good music, bad man. But, we've seen how easily otherwise decent people are swept up and spoon fed hate and prejudice until they become power-hungry hate-mongers (hey, just look at the Bush administration).

Which tempts me to question the point that Dubya was ever a decent person. o(:o)

I thought this over.... is it anything like saying The Beatles gave us Charles Manson?

Disturbingly enough, I think the answer is yes, to a degree. Hitler used to trumpet how strong an influence Wagner was on him--not only his music, but his...ahem...personal philosophies, as it were.

Manson claimed many songs, most of them on The White Album, were subliminal calls for race warfare, and that the Beatles themselves were the vanguard of this cultural war.

Of course, the Beatles were alive to dispute Manson's claim; Wagner was long dead by the time Hitler claimed his influence.

To distinguish the difference, though, I would say Wagner was clearly and proudly anti-Semitic; the Beatles really didn't have any racially-negative motivation behind their work.

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