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Hee! o(:o)
Funniest blog entry I ran across today:

Okay, now I get it. Now I get the reaction to the whole Lewinski [sic] thing. Republicans don't get uptight about sex, they get uptight about sex with adult women.

Oh please please please let Mark Foley help bring down his own party in November!

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The hits just keep on comin' :3

Anonymous blogger for the win. :)

Saw a sign yesterday..

The only this wrong with this country is there are too many folks sayin 'the only thing wrong with this country is...'.

At least that high ranking TSA official that got busted a few months ago was trying for female jailbait. I wonder how they'll explain this one.

"We're trying to reach out to younger male voters and feel them out. We know our competition is stiff, and we need to work harder to enlarge our voter base."

If anyone is really bored, they can read the transcripts that ABC news posted.


Florida republicans love their masturbation!

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