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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Yup, still among the living. Got all moved in and settled in to the new place, and have everything arranged more or less to the point where I am happy with it. For those in the Austin area, I am considering having a housewarming-type get-together the weekend after next, probably on Saturday, the 14th. More info on that as I know stuff.

Been busier than all get-out at work lately; it seems all I have been doing is work, sleep, repeat. Getting a lot done, but gods am I wiped out.

I have been ultra-crappy about keeping up with birthdays, and I apologize to anyone whose birthday I may have allowed to slide. I don't mean to slight anyone or hurt any feelings; with birthdays in a public forum like this, it seems to be all or nothing--and I always seem to miss someone important. I may just stop posting them here and wish happy birthday to folks individually. I dunno.

Finally, someone asked me a while back for a list of all the furry conventions I have been to. Mostly, it's Anthrocon, but here goes:

Duckon 7, 1998
Duckon 8, 1999
Anthrocon 1999
Anthrocon 2000
Midwest FurFest 1, 2000
Anthrocon 2001
Anthrocon 2002
Anthrocon 2003
Ohio Morphicon 2004
Anthrocon 2004
Anthrocon 2005
Anthrocon 2006

And dat's dat.