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Rush Limbaugh, despicable pig
A friend of mine sent me a link of some video taken yesterday of seat-moistening right-wing warthog Rush Limbaugh jitterbugging around in his chair, making fun of people with Parkinson's disease. This, somehow, is defined in his syphilitic brain as entertainment. (Google it, if you insist on seeing it; I refuse to link to it.)

Limbaugh's validity as a source of news has long been dead--at least by anyone with a functioning brain. But this...this just utterly takes the cake.

I remember--not fondly--when I was in elementary school, when we kids on the playground would make fun of the special needs students, calling them by the epithet "retards." If caught by the playground monitor, we would be reprimanded--and rightly so. More than thirty years after the fact, I still feel shame and embarrassment that I acted in such a callous, crass and rude manner toward people who cannot help who they are.

This was also before I found out I had cerebral palsy (my parents had sheltered me from the fact until I was 15 or 16). Not all of us with this disease are in wheelchairs or are unable to speak clearly. I bring this up not for pity, but to make a point: being made fun of--especially for factors you cannot control--hurts. I have been in the unique position of being around folks ridiculing people with neuromuscular disease--often the very one I have--without knowing I had the affliction. Their reaction when I share this news with them (if I bother to) is usually pretty intense, and usually pretty humble. I would like to think I have helped them to think twice about such behavior in the future.

Then there are people like Limbaugh who are utterly beyond any code of morality or decency. This is a grown man, acting like a thuggish, immature, hateful little playground bully. This man has an average audience of ten million listeners; that is--if such numbers are to be believed--one-sixth the number of people who "voted" for George W. Bush in 2004. Therefore, the conclusion can easily be reached that he speaks for a fair chunk of Republican voters. This does not reflect well on a party that is increasingly gaining a reputation of complete disconnection from decent, hard-working, average, moral Americans. Yet I hear Republicans calling Democrats "the party of hate;" the hypocrisy is enough to make my head explode.

Consider this: Rush Limbaugh is slowly going deaf. What would his reaction be, do you think, if Al Franken or Keith Olbermann ridiculed him by mocking the way some deaf people speak (this is conjecture, of course; I don't believe either of them would sink to Limbaugh's level)? He would be apoplectic; you would be able to see blood vessels in his neck and forehead explode as a result of his rage. Comparatively, Michael J. Fox has been a class act all the way--outraged, yes, but gentlemanly.

What to do? Vote on November 7th. Disarm Limbaugh and the army of Republicans who think this sort of public discourse is justified. Let's try to salvage some modicum of decency in this country.

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To be frank, Rush has never been a source of news. Just a tired old record playing the same song over and over again.

All too true. BTW, I heard a good nickname for Ann Coulter today: Paris Hitler.


I think that's being too kind. Hitler at least managed to convince people he was a great man.

Again, too true. And Hitler was supposed to have an Adam's apple.

As much as I hate catigories, I have seen very few things the Republicans stand for that dose not piss me off to high heaven. War, fighting stem cell reserch, etc. We need another good old fasion beer drinkin', Hot dog eatin', blow job gettin', Democrat again.
An American!

ROFL if everyone got BJ's 'On Demand' thered be no need for war. That or at least leaders would be too spent to do much harm to the country ;)

I'd be happy with Gusto and a king-sized bed. o(:o)

*laughs!* King sized beds are for liberals! Oh..and so is wanting to sleep with a cute male Gummy Bear...hehe

Hee! This liberal has a queen-sized bed, sunshine! Of course, any bed I sleep in automatically becomes queen-sized!

That's right. I went there. Mmmm hmmm.

And Gusto is so dreeeeeeeamy... *drool* *throb*


I have a queen sized bed too...but i havent told my parents yet...

and Gusto...yes I agree....lol

What exactly did Michael J. Fox say to set off Rush L. that way? Is there a video link to that?

I know Rush is a self centered ass, but attacking folks for a dissability is political suicide. (unless he figures that since he has a dissability himself ..drug abuse and deaf onset..) There has to be a reason for this move.

Im Not defending Rush, but then being of NO political affiliation myself, id like to know both sides before passing judgement.

Fox (ironic, isn't it, that someone named Fox is pissing off the right wing?) has been making ads for Democratic candidates that are pro-stem cell research--which could cure or alleviate things like Parkinson's. For more info, including his reaction to Limbaugh, go here:

(Deleted comment)
Well, it's perfectly all right if someone helps Limbaugh lick the rectum of the GOP.

*sigh* I've heard about this and haven't commented because it doesn't surprise me. He's has been on my permanent shitlist since 1990 or 1991 (around then) when, after Ted Kennedy publicly admitted his drinking problem (much rarer an admission for a politician then than now--now they claim alcoholism to excuse their behavior, á la Foley), he played a recording of the statement over which he dubbed the sound of rolling surf and a woman screaming. Limbaugh has always been a despicable pig, and frankly, if he goes deaf and has to quit radio, I welcome that day.

I don't imagine Limbaugh quitting radio over deafness, unfortunately. But imagine the hell he will go through, unable to be in love with his own voice!

Hee. Yes. That would be a fair and balanced fate for him. :)

Mainly, I'm just waiting for him to prove that he's not a hypocrite by living up to his own words and volunteering to go to jail for his own drug use and abuse. Of course, that will never happen. Jail is for ethnic nad/or poor people.

(Deleted comment)
You are illuminating a simple, but profound, point here:

Facts and logic have no place in the GOP. The party is rife with head-in-the-sand, cover-your-ass, ignorant, racist, homophobic, hateful, flawed, make-it-up-today-and-change-it-tomorrow-if-it-isn't-politically-helpful rhetoric. It's a perfect home for white hood wearers like Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, O'Reilly, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Beautifully put.

MJF is brave and persuasive. And from a purely superficial point of view, he has still got it going on.

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