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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Bleah. Make it stop.
Been sick since Sunday night. I ran errands all Sunday afternoon, came home and had dinner, and was just fine. Then, about 9:30 Sunday night, it hit me like a wall--a stomach bug so violent and nasty that I was knocked flat on my back for two days.

I couldn't eat or sleep for any beneficial period of time, and I couldn't read, watch TV or work on my computer, either. Every time I tried, I would almost instantly get dizzy and nauseous, and would "see" disturbing flashing lights in my peripheral vision. I am told that is a symptom of migraines. Lovely.

Only within the last hour or so have I felt any improvement; now I merely feel like shit. And it doesn't help that my supervisor has been calling from work and dropping a guilt trip on my ass.

Well, back to work tomorrow, and then the four-day Thanksgiving weekend to recover. Or die. Or something.

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(Deleted comment)
Sorry to hear that. I hope you'll get recovered. May be there are some kind of any natural herbs to help?

Urgh, sorry to hear about it. Hope you get well well soon!

:SNUGS: a Lou. Hope you feel better fast, gent.

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