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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Goodbye, Joe
My internet connectivity was flaky yesterday, so I am just now really getting the news that Joe Barbera has passed on.

Say what you will about the limited animation style he and Bill Hanna developed during the 50's...but they had to to survive. H-B effectively reinvented the art of animation twice; first in the 50s as I just mentioned, and again in the 90s with Cartoon Network, exposing some of the most creative people in the field of animation--and their fresh ideas--to the world.

Joe was my favorite of the two, a hard-boiled gentleman of Italian descent who, with great humor, put up with having his last name mispronounced "Barbara" for about sixty years. He learned pathos and cuteness from Bill Hanna, the insane, anarchist world animation can be from Tex Avery, and that all management personnel in animation are clueless 'tards from Fred Quimby.

...and he had his hand in the creation of an army of memorable cartoon characters who will live forever in his name.

Job well done, Joe. Rest in peace.

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I love their character designs of the 60's :-)

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