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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Oh, they don't have winter in Texas, HELL no

The university has been closed for three days now--true, Monday was a holiday, but the last two days have been due to a monster of an ice storm.

I just went out and cleared off my car. It took me almost an hour and a half to do it, too. A couple of pics to illustrate:

http://cashew.macrophile.com/011707d2.jpg This pic shows the ice on my windshield, just as I was starting to clear it off.

http://cashew.macrophile.com/011707g2.jpg This pic shows a slab of ice I had removed from my car, with a quarter for comparison. I am estimating this particular piece at around 3/4" thick--and some of the ice I removed was even thicker.

Some of the folks here in Austin are a little nervous about getting out of town for FC, since it has been reported that Austin-Bergstrom International Airport has run low--or run out--of plane de-icer. I hope they can get on their flights, and have a safe trip and good time at the con.

Meanwhile, back to work for me tomorrow, finally--and I am almost...almost...nostalgic for those famous 105-degree Austin summer days.

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Yay, I'll be there tomorrow...

Yep thats ice rain alright. thats nothing a real ice storm tends to leave two or three inches of ice.. We didnt get a huge wallop up here like that our ice came in the form of millions of tiny spheres of semi frozen rain so driving was akin to the spiled marbles gag. Whats really pretty about ice rain is finding flowers or tqigs encased in crystal clear glass as if god put blass on everything to preserve it.

Holy lard that's some thick azz ice.

Yep...that brings back memories.

I was in Montreal in January 1998 when they had the ice storm of the century. There were inches of ice hanging around tree branches and power lines...and the weight of the ice made them all crash down. Almost got knocked out by a slab of ice that fell right behind me. O.O;;

Meanwhile, in Ohio this past week, it's been hovering around forty to fifty--unseasonably warm by anywhere from ten to thirty degrees.

I wondered where they misplaced winter... I don't want it back as such, but at least I know where it is. :D

Over in Waco the ice wasn't as bad. Baylor wasn't as afraid as the other schools I guess, because we only closed on Wednesday (with Monday being MLK + off day). Still, it's cold...at least to me. But I'm a dragon, and you're a wolf, and a Canadian one, too. It's nothing to you, right? ^_^

I hope the ice isn't bothering you by now.

Your car was pretending to be an M&M. It had a candy coating that you had to remove in order to use it. I hope things are alright now.

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