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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Numismatists rejoice!
The Presidential Dollar series starts today. Woo hoo! o(:o)

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Yay! Zombie Washington. :)

Woot! I needs me some Washington coins!

Oh, and it looks like they've solved the packaging problem you were wondering about: the proof cases are designed to let you see the edges.

Very cool! I was wondering how they were going to pull that off.

Somewhere in there is a pun about the George W. Bush coin being worth a dollar but no sense.

With any luck, there won't be one. The current coin issue schedule is to end with Ronald Reagan's coin in 2016, and the provisions of the Congressional act that okayed this series says that a president has to be dead at least two years at the time the coin is issued (currently, no living person can appear on a regular circulation US coin). Coins for any president who doesn't get one under this Coin Act must take another act of Congress to be issued.

So...Chimpy won't get a coin unless he dies by 2014. And I want him to live with his embarrassment long after that.

You've seen this analysis of the designs, I take it? =:)

I say the US Mint should just adopt British designs. Much more interesting. Or Australian - they're furry! (Platypus, 'roos, and echidna, on the 20¢, $1, and 5¢, as I recall. And the "paper" money is plastic, with a small section left clear. Most cool. The Dutch notes used to be quite neat, but of course, they're history now, with the adoption of the Euro)

Unfortunately, that probably won't happen soon. Certain guidelines are in place: for any coin higher than the dime, an eagle must appear on US coinage. Also, if the word "Liberty" doesn't appear on a coin, a representation of Liberty must--thus the Statue of Liberty on the Presidential Dollar series. US coinage seems to honor people more than anything else, with the exception of the State Quarter series, where they sneaked a few animals in--such as the bison on the Kansas quarter.

Besides the eagle, no animal has regularly appeared on US coinage since the Buffalo Nickel--and that went away in 1938.

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