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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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*snugsajedd* BDay!
I have been getting out of the habit of posting birthday notices on my LJ, but today I am making an exception. This guy has been celebrating just about every birthday out there in visual form, depicted as a long--and getting longer almost every day--parade of birthday furs.

So, the Happiest of Birthdays to jedd_marten! o(:o)

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*snugs a lou* :)
Yup it's the real deal. The one listed with LJ is my Furrymuck birthday (be 10 in July). :)

Yes... happy b-day d00d!! :)

That's cheating ;) Happy RL birtday!

Hmmm, methinks you need to add yourself to the Birthday Parade!

Been taking it easy today. Birthday line gets updated tomorrow! :)

Thanks lobo! *flufflesnugs a wolfie*

Aww, thanks Aldi!!!! *snugs... and then feeds you some cake* :D

You're very welcome!
*snugs you back, then receives a muzzleful of cake!*
Glomps! Hmmmmm... not bad! Don't forget to have some yourself! I know you're watching your figure but it's low-fat and low-carb! *pats your fuzzy tummy*

Cool! I will be ten on FM this coming December!

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