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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Et tu Bruté day
Folks out there who know me well know that I tend to follow some old Irish superstitions that were taught to me at a very young age. Despite what I like to think is my somewhat above-average intelligence, I still tend to follow quite a few of them. For example...

Today is the Ides of March, and I was told that using knives or blades of any kind on this day would bring about very bad luck. Therefore, I don't shave on March 15, I try not to use scissors or the paper cutter at work, and I have to plan my meals accordingly, making sure I won't need even a butter knife.

Someone out there humor me; has anyone else heard of this superstition before? It is super-easy to figure out its origins, of course; Julius Caesar became well-acquainted with several blades on this day. I did a quick search on teh intarwebs and couldn't find a single reference to the blades superstition; I just found that the day is considered generally unlucky.

Oh, well. I was gonna cook up a frozen pizza for dinner tonight. Now I gotta figure out how to slice it with a fork.

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I remember cutting my lips on those plastic spoons. You are right, they are honed down to razor sharpness. And cuts on your lips seem to last forever--not to mention you can't eat anything acidic, hot, or with salt in it. Which leaves just about nothing.

Be like a wolf! Rip and chew and then wash up the mess afterwards!

Gotta get me a dragon to cook it first!

I can honestly say I've never heard such a thing before, but as superstitions go, it's one of the more interesting ones.

Heh, as it turns out, I've been avoiding blades m'self today, quite by accident--even when I had to cut some yarn to bind off a project, I just bit it off because I was too lazy to bend down to my bag to get my scissors. Now I'm going to be thinking about this all day, and it may change what I have for dinner. :)

I suggest burgers & fries. Nice, knife-free foodage. o(:o)

Ended up being pot pies. A fork can handle those. Unless you way over- or undercook 'em.

Here's how I prepare pot pies:

1. Open pot pie box.
2. Remove pot pie from box.
3. Throw away pot pie box.
4. Throw away pot pie.
5. Order Chinese.


Interesting. Considering that I'm applying for several positions right now, I'll avoid knives and other cutting implements. I'm not superstitious, but right now I could use all the luck! :)

I'll keep my pawfingers crossed for ya.

I love the icon, BTW. Erin go brokken! o(:o)

Huh. If thats the case, i'm screwed. I had to redo the knife display at work, and ontop of that, I was using my own knife most of the day to open boxes.

Well, after all, it is just a superstition. o(:o)

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