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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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BDay Trifecta
Okay, breaking my not-posting-birthdays-to-my-LJ rule again, but March 16 has always been a pretty cool day for furry birthdays, with three cool friends' special days all falling neatly between the Ides of March and St. Patrick's Day. So....

Happy birthday to
sephebonblade, and


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Personally, I've always liked having a birthday between a rock and a drunk place. :)

It's definitely a double excuse to really enjoy St. Patty's day. :) (And places like Bennigan's and most pubs usually have some deal on beer or, my preference, shots.) :D

Oh yeah, that's one of the things I've always liked about being born on this day, you get a great reason to keep the party going for two days. :)

*aws and hugs you tight* Thanks, buddy. :) I agree with Bravo, having a birthday followed by another cool reason to party, and the Irish are definitely cool, is, um, well, very cool. :)

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