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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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Sunday, Bloody Sunday (Iowa Edition)
Gods...the Masters Tournament was hell on just about every player in the field this weekend. O.O This year's winner ties the record worst winning score at the Masters Tournament at +1 (289)--and that hasn't happened since 1956.

Regardless, this year's winner, Zach Johnson, is from my home state of Iowa, and is the very first Master's champion from Iowa (he played college golf at Drake University, down in Des Moines--not far from my old stomping grounds). Not only that, he is only the second Iowan ever to win a major golf tournament--and the first was Jack Fleck, who won the US Open way way back in 1955.

However, there is also another important Iowa connection to the Masters Tournament, and Augusta National in particular. Clifford Roberts, the Chairman of Augusta National Golf Club from 1931 to 1976, and Chairman of the Masters Tournament from 1934 to 1976, was an Iowa boy. An Iowa boy who refused to remove a troublesome tree on the 17th fairway, even though President Eisenhower insisted on having it dug up (Ike kept hitting it, screwing up his game--it still stands, the famous Eisenhower Pine). Roberts declared the president "out of order" and abruptly adjourned the meeting.

Heh...I know no one will care about this trivia but trdsf, but as a native Iowan I am proud. Congratulations, Zach! Especially for making Tiger chase you for a change.

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Congrats to Zach :) I'm just watching him don the green jacket.

My mom is crestfallen that she missed the tournament to be with in-laws.
Here in Drake, they've been rioting and turning over cars all night!

Sort of.

Man, talk about keeping your head when all around you are Marie Antoinette... I thought there might be good things in Zach's future, but I never expected this, at least not this year. Good on ya, Zach! And one hell of an auspicious beginning to Chairman Billy Payne's tenure.

Sorry about the phone call cutting off--my battery puked, and I had to leave for work (I only *just* finished watching the tape of the afternoon's "festivities", and managed to keep myself spoiler free so I *could* watch and enjoy).

I'm still gonna call it "The Massacre at the Masters". Jeeminycrizmus.

Heh. I did *not* know Cliffie Roberts was an Iowa boy. Learn something new every day...

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