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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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I really hate the hell out of Austin drivers.

I was headed into work this morning before 6:00, and was driving 45 mph (the posted speed limit). I had the green light, and was at full speed going through the intersection. The only other car for miles around was going the opposite direction, and made a quick, illegal left turn directly in front of me. I didn't have any time to brake, and I slammed into the stupid sonofabitch at pretty much full speed, cracking my right front bumper and crunching into the dumb bastard's passenger side rear end.

Then the dumb fuck took off like a bat out of hell, doing about 70 mph down a street posted for 35 mph. I didn't get a chance to get a license number or even the precise color of this idiot's car; it was too dark, and dipshit was peeling out way too fast.

Just got done talking to Austin Police. Since the other driver ran, and I didn't get a license plate number, there is not much they (the police) can do. Big surprise there. At least I have a police report to turn in for insurance purposes.

Great day so far!

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*hugs* Oh, damn, wolfy. Hell of a way to start the morning. I'm glad you weren't hurt, but do get checked, just to be sure.

I have been closely "listening" to my body all day long, checking to see if there are any signs of physical harm, but haven't sensed any.

So, so far so good.

Owch! That really bites. :/ I hope you and your car are mostly intact.

Pretty much, just a messed-up bumper. It is totally driveable, and I will get the bumper taken care of early next week.

The important part is you were not injured.
If the other person took off like that, most likely he has a warrant or the vehicle is stolen or he has no insurance...

Is it possible that it was a black car? Yesterday morning while I was heading down Lamar towards campus, a guy in a black four-door zoomed up on a cross street and came to a stop partly sticking out into the road. As soon as I and the rest of my clot of traffic passed, he peeled out onto Lamar, tires smoking, back end swinging behind him, and then darting through the oncoming lane on his way to another side street.

Probably not, but I did get a pretty good look at that car since I had to drive around him. :/

Nope, I am 99% sure it was either dark green or dark blue. So you and I were victims of two separate Austin assholes--not that this town has any shortage. o(:oP

Aw, fuck! That blows! This is why we have uninsured motorist coverage, I guess. Was that the only damage, though? Just the bumper? That's pretty lucky for a 45mph collision.

I once had an experience like that, though not nearly as problematic. I was turning right onto I-35 from Rundberg, and was stopped at the front of the turn lane, waiting for an opening to turn on the frontage road. Some guy behind me jumps the gun and bumps me from behind. I look in my rear-view. The guy looked Hispanic, but who can be sure.

Either way, I get ready to pull out so I can pull into the Chevron there to talk to the guy. Instead, the guy whips around me in the turn lane, and blasts off down the freeway. You remember at that turn lane, there's a concrete island on the left as well as the curb to the right, so there isn't a whole lot of room to manuever. And I see him flying down the road, weaving around, the same way it sounds like your guy was fleeing.

I even got the license plate, but nothing ever came of it as far as I know. I didn't care since there was no actual damage. It was nothing more than a bump, which is why I was shocked the guy took off. The police officer guessed it was likely someone with no insurance. I bet the same thing was true in your situation. There's a lot of that in the Austin area with the immigrant population, supposedly.

Strangely, the cop made it sound like there wasn't much to do even if they did find the owner of the car, since it doesn't prove who the driver at fault was. I remember him saying that if the guy had gotten out, showed me his ID, and then fled, then there would have been more to do. I didn't say so at the time, but what kinda knucklehead is going to get out, show ID, and then flee?

It seems like only the people who are stand-up, responsible folks ever bear the consequences. You stay around when you're at fault, which raises your insurance rates, and then you have to make an uninsured motorist claim when some jackass flees, which probably makes the rates go up too.

I remember you also had a little adventure when some dippy bitch cut you off and damn near caused a pile-up on Lamar near your place. Idiots abound. o(:oP

Both the cops and the insurance folks are in full agreement that it was more than likely an uninsured motorist. Did I mention the passenger in the car I hit flipped me off? So it's not like they didn't see me. And not to forward a stereotype, but they looked very illegal immigrant-like. So I suppose if I knew I was at-fault, uninsured, and in the country illegally, I guess I would flee the scene, too.

Yeah, your situation and mine were both Catch-22's. Even if I could have tracked the other guy down, proof of fault would be strictly a my-word-against-yours situation. Luckily, Geico and the Austin Police are in agreement that this was not an at-fault situation on my part. The Geico rep told me it would "likely not" affect my insurance premiums--so we shall see.

And you know me, Leo; I am quite possibly the most defensive and careful driver in the state, almost to the point of paranoia. My driving record reflects that--I have never once had an at-fault accident, and only two other fender-benders in the 25+ years I have been driving. The folks at Geico mentioned that and respected the fact when I talked to them this morning.

All in all, I count my blessings. If I hadn't cut my steering wheel sharply to the left and slowed down in the little time I had, this could have been a much worse accident. I could have conceivably injured the other car's passenger--or worse.

I remember you also had a little adventure when some dippy bitch cut you off and damn near caused a pile-up on Lamar near your place. Idiots abound.

Yeah. That freaked me out. Fortunately there was no collision there.

Both the cops and the insurance folks are in full agreement that it was more than likely an uninsured motorist. Did I mention the passenger in the car I hit flipped me off?

No, but it doesn't surprise me. So many people have the mentality now that the rules of the road apply to everybody except them. It's like these drivers think they have the same privilege as an emergency vehicle with sirens on. I remember hearing on the news about how much the uninsured motorists are a problem in the area. And nobody wants to put forward stereotypes, but the majority of uninsured drivers in Austin are people there illegally, and the majority of the people there illegally are Hispanic. I don't think this is a stereotype, though, because you're not concluding they're illegal because they're Hispanic, but concluding they're illegal because they're Hispanic and they took off in violation of the law.

It's good that there were no injuries, and hopefully this won't be too much hassle. Is the damage pretty minor?

Well, I concur exactly with your point about stereotypes and assumptions. Illegality isn't so hard to assume when someone takes off like that. The fact that they were Hispanic is pretty much just a footnote.

The right half of the front bumper is totally screwed, and cracked in a number of places. I am amazed that a) the headlight and fog light on that side are just fine and b) the air bag didn't deploy, as hard as we collided. As for the damage being "minor," I don't know; I suspect the entire bumper will need to be replaced. One interesting thing I found out: the bumper is stuffed with styrofoam. As good a thing as any to absorb impact, I suppose.

Ouch dude. Really sorry to hear that. x.x;; Glad you're ok, though!

My advice at the moment: take plenty of photos of -everything- that is wrong with your car. That should help out when it comes time to prove damage to the insurance company so it can be fixed.

Good luck...

...hopefully they catch the bastard.

I asked the insurance company if they needed photographic proof, and they told me no--just to let them know what, if any, additional damage is done to the car between now and the time the insurance adjuster gets to look at it. Trust me, the current damage is very visible.

I am gonna take a few pics of it, just in case, anyway.

Yikes! I hope you're okay. *thinking good thoughts for you*

I was going to say they probably took off because they were uninsured and doing something else illegal. I guess being illegal immigrants probably counts as something else illegal.

Well, immigrant or no, their actions Thursday morning certainly were illegal.

I'm glad you're alright.
And now, I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh. All it's going to take is someone to spot a beat up car resembling the one that hit yours, and ta-da! We found ourselves the hit and run douchebag! Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal. So is going 70 in a 35. So is driving without insurance (at least, over here it is, not sure how that works from state to state over there)
At any rate, I'm glad you're alright.

Heh...have you ever driven in Austin? There are so many uninsured motorists here (I am told we have one of the highest rates of them in the country), that just about every other car you see has moderate to serious dent damage. And if you see those same cars a year from now, or five years from now, that damage will still be there. You can't fix what you can't (or more stupidly, won't) afford.

...and yes, insurance is required to purchase a vehicle, drive a vehicle, or get a driver's license here in Texas.

So said drivers are illegal in so many ways it boggles the mind.

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