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To all computer techs reading this: SOS!
Okay, here's the deal: my new PC has Windows Vista Home Premium, 32-bit, installed on it. I have done pretty much everything I can to get my Canon LIDE 60 flatbed scanner to work with this OS, but I get conflicting messages.

First, I am told the scanner is installed just fine, the drivers are up-to-date, and that the device is working properly. On the scanner properties page, directly below where it shows the icon for the properly-installed scanner, the computer helpfully tells me there is no scanner installed or detected. Apparently the Canon LIDE 60 icon about two inches above this message is a hallucination.

After having a couple techie friends try to help me re-install the scanner and drivers several times, I have had no luck getting it to work.

Does anyone out there know of any tricks for getting Vista to talk to this scanner? Or am I out of luck? I have tried Googling this topic, and the consensus online so far seems to be that I am more or less out of luck, and that Canon has no intention of posting updated drivers for Vista for its 'older' line of scanners. I have had this scanner about four months, and have used it exactly twice. It worked fine on XP.

Vista is looking more and more like a great, big steaming pile of shit. I am sorely tempted to upgrade my PC to XP.

Thanks in advance for any and all help offered!

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Driver support is the major bugaboo of Vista. If your scanner is the only device that dosen't work, I'd just replace it...cheaper than a copy of XP anyways.

If you have several devices that don't work and that are too expensive to replace...well, remeber this the next time you decide to upgrade your operating system. :) Maybe the vendor of your PC will send you an XP install disc if you ask nicely.

I'm personally holding off on Vista until Wacom writes drivers for my (pricy!) graphics tablet.

I already have an XP package I bought for my old PC. Although I am not sure if it will work, since it is an upgrade package.

My card reader doesn't work on Vista, either.

If you do choose to get a copy of XP, try going to the campus computer store where you might qualify for a discount copy. I believe a copy of XP Professional goes for around $40.

It was only 12$ when I bought it there. :) They'll only sell you one copy per edition, alas, but you can't beat that price with a stick!

I do qualify, but I already have a copy of XP, albeit an upgrade copy. Not sure if that will work.

I'm not sure what "upgrade copy" means. If and installation can be performed without an additional disk and the disk itself and its serial have never been used, then yes, it should work.

I am not sure, but I think it needs an additional disk.

It needs an earlier version of Windows, down to 98 SE, I believe. It will ask you for one if you try to install it.

The problem more then likely is Vista. But leave it to the computer industry to release a product that is more akin to a beta then anything.

I'd look into getting XP. A college retail OEM goes for sub $100.

If you're absolutely deadset on vista, you might want to attempt to use a vista compatible driver for a similar model scanner. You're Canon LIDE 60 might not work, but a sibling line product often share code and might work.

But this is kinda risky. Using 'as like' drivers can have unexpected results (hardware failure)

I just wish Canon would put up a driver that worked with Vista. They have one they say works with it, but it doesn't.

That's more a Microsoft thing than an industry--what MS calls a x.0 release, any other (reputable) company on the planet would call a beta. 95 was unusable until it was patched to 95b. 98 needed to become 98SE. Me... *shudder*. XP has to be SP2 to be anything even remotely resembling reliable. Vista won't be even relatively ready for prime time until, oh, November at the earliest. That's when the first patch comes out, that MS will charge for, to fix all the things they should have gotten right in the first place. Then another three months while all the *new* bugs that introduces get found out, and then there will be what amounts to Vista SE.

Like I said below: Vista is the best marketing tool Apple (and Linux, for that matter) has had in years.

I advised returning to XP, which is at least predictably sucky. Vista is the best sales tool Apple has had in years.

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You are welcome to come by Sunday, but check the next entry in my LJ; I got the scanner to work, sort of.

I just hate having you come all the way across town just for a silly little thing like this.

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