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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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(AC) Robot Roll Call!
Tom Servo!

Okay, who all is going to AC this year? I will be there, of course; this will be my ninth consecutive year at AC.

By the way, anyone who knows me fairly well (such as knowing at least my real first name RL) and would like to exchange cell phone numbers, give me a shout at cashew@macrophile.com. I love the concept of actually being able to contact folks at the con! o(:o)

I'll see folks in two weeks!

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watch out for rogue bag checkers!

some things don't need to be said. they're just assumed :D

*teleports to safe location*

Awwww...lookit the big puppy! *pet pet*

Not a problem! I don't carry liquids, I carry matches instead of a lighter, and I wear easy-to-remove shoes. I get through security in a flash.

heh see at this point I try to make the lines longer and their jobs more difficult by wearing big metal studded hard to remove shoes and a lot of things in my pockets... i joke...

anyway yeah thats a fair plan! luck at AC!

Holy crap, it's in two weeks? Time sure does fly. I'll be there.

It's kinda weird how the time passes. I remember thinking last year, since AC was held in June, that there would be almost thirteen months between AC '06 and AC '07. The first several months seemed to drag, until about the beginning of this year--since then, the time has just flown by. Con time will be here in an eye blink!

*blinks* Hmm, nope, still two weeks!

Heh...will this be your first con?

Thankfully, attendance counts even if you're invisible. ;-)

So what I want to know is why you don't have any SWATKATS icons?

I mean...you know.


Um...why would I have a SwatKats icon...? O.o

I will be there, and probably won't be going after any original cooner art. ;-)


Well, he will be there, so a sketch isn't out of the question!

BTW, thanks for not calling me what you usually call me when this topic arises. o(:o)

We'll be there as well.. Cel numbers to follow shortly ^^

You even have to ask?

I'll be there, but likely chained to the Dealer's Room operations table. Damned my suceptability to staffing positions!

Luckily, I don't suffer from such a susceptibility. AC is my vacation; the last thing I want to do is spend it working.

I work harder on my vacations than I work at work. It's kind of sad, but that's life!

(Deleted comment)
Cool! We may finally get to meet!

I'll be there. I'm sure we'll see each other at some point or another. ;)

Heh...if you weren't there, I would be kinda screwed! o(:o)

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