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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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All Official And Stuff (TM)
Yup, took advantage of the offer and bought a permanent account. No more ads, and I get to upload lots and lots more user pics. *tailwags*

And I can embed pics now. Woo hoo, new toy!

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My personal favorite song ATM is still Video by Jeff Lynne!

Mine is still Wild West Hero. o(:o)

That song is 10 times better if I listen to the whole album "Out Of The Blue" in chronological order and end with that one!

"Here Is The News" FTW! hehe <3

Looks like somebody has broken out of Satellite 2. o.O

I was wondering why you were posting so many pics! Damn, that's a lot of pics!

I only posted one pic to my LJ itself; the rest are all LJ icons.

-laughs- I know that! XD Cause I got like 40 e-mails saying you updated your user pics! XD

That's odd; I didn't know LJ did that--I have never gotten any such notice when anyone else on my friends' list updates their icons.

Just be warned I plan to upload a lot more.

Yeah, all ya have to do is check of the box that says notify when people upload new user pics. Plus you can also get notification for peoples birthday and when they do journals.

Plus I kinda figured your going to upload more.

Well, I only have 32 user pics right now; I have room for 106 more! o(:o)

Yep, still have a lot more to upload.

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