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Cashew Lou's Yukon Annex

I've got Pop-Pop in the attic.

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AC & Art & Stuff
I've done a little thinking as I gear up for AC, and have decided to do things a little differently this year. There's no need for folks to respond to this post, really; it is more or less me doing some thinking out loud--but of course if you would like to respond, you are more than welcome to!

At the past eight AC's, I have concentrated pretty heavily on collecting artwork. In addition to art CDs, prints and portfolios, I have also gone home with up to 25 original sketches from various artists. While this was a lot of fun, it also wound up taking up a lot of my time and energy. I still plan to hit up some of my artist friends for artwork this year, just not so many, and not so aggressively.

There are a couple of reasons for this. First, my finances aren't as robust this year as they have been in past years. I am not in dire straits or anything; however, I do have a move coming up--and that will take a little bit of a financial bite. There is also an excellent coin shop up in Rochester, NY (where I hang out for a few days after the con) I would like to hit; my coin collection has been ignored for most of this year.

Second, there are two guests of honor at AC this year--Rob Paulsen and Carolyn Kelly--whose panels I would very much like to attend. I have been a huge fan of Rob's work since the mid-1980s, and, well, Carolyn Kelly's dad (Walt Kelly, for the uninformed; creator of Pogo Possum [as seen in this entry's LJ icon]) has been a hero of mine since I was about five years old. I would love to hear what both of them have to say.

Finally, I plan to catch up with some good friends at AC this year. I do this every year, of course, but I hope to do so to an even higher degree this time around.

AC is always a good time for me; I center my summer vacation around it, and I always look forward to attending. I also look forward to seeing some of you there, and I hope everyone who attends has a blast!

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(Deleted comment)
I've actually read very limited quantities of Pogo; by the time I was old enough to read it, the local press had dropped it as too political.

Fantagraphics reports should have The Complete Pogo Volume 1 ready before AC; Caroline may well have some copies with her.

Fantagraphics had tried to publish the Complete Pogo several years back, but their company's finances hit a brick wall with that particular project, and they stopped after only two or three volumes. I am glad to see they have picked it up again.

My favorite story about Walt Kelly is when he was drawing strips in the 50's that included a character named Simple J. Malarkey, a caricature of Senator Joe McCarthy. Since several newspaper editors complained to Kelly about the dark and political nature of these strips, for a couple of years he drew two strips a day--one with Malarkey, and the other with a more innocent story line featuring the regular swamp folk.

That is an amazing output, considering Kelly was very hands-on, doing his own writing, drawing and inking. Makes folks like Jim Davis, who draws almost nothing anymore--leaving that work to folks hired to draw in his style--pale in comparison.

for a couple of years he drew two strips a day--one with Malarkey, and the other with a more innocent story line featuring the regular swamp folk

I know at one point he was doing the Fluffy Little Bunnies strips, with acidicly cute rabbits doing inane jokes instead of the more politically charged material.

As Walt apparently put it, if a reader saw a Fluffy Little Bunnies strip in the paper, it was a sure sign that the paper in question either didn't believe the reader could think for themselves, or the paper didn't want them to.

Fantagraphics was trying to collect those strips, but most of them are gone, as they were simply throw-aways.

And on lawsuits? They're dealing with another; big stupid Harlan Ellison is suing for slander after they quoted some unfriendly material regarding him and another sci-fi writer.

Feh. Don't get me started on Ellison. Uptight sci-fi hack midget. o(:oP

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