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Cashew Lou
26 August 1965
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Online, I am a diehard macrophile wolf. Anyone truly big appeals to me; I am addicted to size. I can look up at great big furs--not to mention interact with them--pretty much all day. o(:o) My macrophila applies to musculature, full, firm bellies and just overall hugeness.

I have worked very hard over the past several years on one of my passions: furry artwork. I have collected artwork by over 230 artists, all of whom have given me their gracious permission to post their work on my web page. Please feel free to check it out; true to its macro theme, it is growing all the time.

Beyond that, I have a great passion for coin collecting, miniature golf, reading and writing. I am also strongly politically aware; this is something in my nature I wish I didn't have, here lately. My political leanings are--to put it mildly--very left-of-center.

My other interests can be divined from my interests list...or by simply asking me.

Since LJ does not provide a space for Twitter, I will add it here. I am on Twitter as cashew_lou